Perfect Sunday

Hope everyone had a great Sunday! Mine was just perfect 🙂

I started the morning out with a short Insanity workout. It was the Cardio Abs video, which was about 17 minutes long. Then I headed out for a short run.

Today’s run: I did a loop that was pretty flat and basically all sidewalk. It was 5.2 miles and took 40 minutes and 30 sec, but I’ll round down to about 40 minutes because I got caught at two lights.

That’s right, peoples. My pace was about 7:42 per mile. WHO AM I???

I was sweating so much that I thought the temperature was in the 60’s, but it was actually a perfect 52 degrees. Hmm, I guess running faster than I’m normally used to makes me sweat more than usual?

AND I was listening to K-LOVE and singing praise songs (in my head) the whole time= LAV IT.

My RPE (rate of perceived exertion) was about 7 out of 10, except for the last mile where it was like an 8.5.

My conclusions:

1. I can run faster knowing that I’m running a much shorter distance than my usual loooong outdoor runs,

2. New shoes are awesome,

3. The Insanity workouts have improved my cardiovascular conditioning,

4. All the rice I ate last night gave me amazing energy.

Speaking of that rice, guess what I had post-run? LEFTOVERS, BABYYYY.


Well, I ate the roasted yellow beet, the piece of chicken, all the roasted onions, and a bunch of rice. I also looked through all the rice to eat all the slivered almonds. Sorry, Joe… you just get rice and lamb.


I really love attending the main worship services. I don’t get to a lot of times because I’m teaching the youth, but today was my Sunday off, so I got to be with everyone. The special song today was so cool! Juni rocked out on the violin and everyone sounded awesome!


Lunch was super duper simple, but so tasty… Subway turkey sandwich 🙂


After lunch, Tammy and I headed to Panera to get some work done! I was studying the anatomy and physiology of the ear for the few hours we were there (dang. I haven’t even gotten to the equilibrium stuff yet).

Then it was time for the February birthday dinner with the ladies!

We went to Truya Sushi, and it ended up being really yummy AND inexpensive because Addie purchased a coupon for this place. Thanks so much for organizing, Addie!

I ordered the ahi tuna sashimi, which came with salad, rice, and miso soup. I also ate Jenn’s dish with rice, which reminded me of kalbi tang but it was made with chicken.


Here is Tammy (happy birthday!), Chimi, and Addie:


This is Jane (happy birthday!!), Jenn, and me.


After dinner, we headed over to a shaved ice place for dessert. Someone kindly got me a decaf coffee, and I watched everyone enjoy their desserts while I drooled and cried a little bit.

Just kidding. As much as I wanted to have some, it’s actually getting easier not to yearn for desserts like I did earlier this week.


I love spending time with all these sisters! Isn’t it wonderful when so many people, who are in different life situations and circumstances, can all be connected and united by Christ? Through Him, I have all these mentors and friends around me, and I feel so blessed to have them in my life!


It really seemed like an amazingly perfect day! Perhaps it’s the lingering endorphins from the run this morning 😀

6 responses to “Perfect Sunday

  1. Sorry we had to eat all that dessert in front of you. You showed such self-control, though. You didn’t even look all that sad – not even puppy eyes!

      • As of Monday, I committed to giving up desserts, too! My first test came that very evening, when my hubby (unknowingly) brought home choc cheesecake, tiramisu & red bean pastry!! BUT, I resisted (I’m freezing them for a feast on Easter since no one else in my family likes them 🙂

  2. I never analyzed my running like this. Hmmm, if I run “again” now, what would be my record? I strongly decided yesterday that I would run today, but it rains -_-;; Tomorrow is the first day of March. Now how many days to St. Pat? Oh, I should run. Should I buy new shoes as well? haha….
    It’s my first time to visit your web and I was amazed at your detailed records. AND I liked the address. Thunder Thigh. LOL.

    • Only 17 days now!
      Michael and I are planning on going to morning prayer meeting tomorrow, grabbing breakfast, and then going for a short run (or maybe run, then breakfast). I know you are busy from 9 to 12, but if you have time to put in an easy run (maybe just 4 to 5 miles) after morning prayer, you should come!
      Bring your shoes tomorrow!
      And yes, you should get new shoes if yours are old.

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