Monday Recap

Yesterday, after my post, I had a few extra minutes before heading up to work and saw this in my SELF magazine:

If you didn’t know, I love hills. I can feel myself getting crazy tired and wanting to start walking, but I get centered on my breathing or tell myself “Earn the downhill, earn the downhill!” and man… does that downhill feel amazing.

I learned that mantra and use other ones to push myself as well.  Another one of my favorites is, “You can do anything for 30 seconds (or one minute, or 90 seconds…)!”


After work, I went to Joe’s and I was ravenous! They had some beef ready, but since I had dissected some sheep heart earlier that day, I really didn’t feel like chewing anything so meaty. I quickly made myself a PB&J and it lasted for only two hours before Joe suggested I get some Subway.

I’m really super weird, but sometimes I crave a fresh, toasty Subway sandwich. I think it’s because the night before my first marathon, I ate a Subway sandwich?

Anyways, I got a foot-long turkey on 9-grain honey oat. I also added some of the onions that were grilled (with beef fat… I don’t enjoy a fatty beef as much as I enjoy the veggies on the side that are cooked in its fat) and I was craving some kimchi, which I ate in between bites.

I ate a huge apple afterwards, and we watched some The Office before the family Bible study. Last night’s small group was postponed to 10:00PM, because Joe’s parents had something to do at their church that night.

I kind of super duper love that we haven’t been cancelling/moving the small groups to another day because of something coming up (such as the night Joe and I celebrated Valentine’s Day or last night). Joe’s mom said last time, “No, if you move it to another day, it’s going to be so easy to do that again in the future.” Super true, yeah?

Last night’s discussion was on Psalm 139: 1-12. Joseph led, and I feel like many of those verses jumped out at me. Read for yourself and see what catches your attention or speaks to you. It is a psalm of David, and it’s quite beautiful how he expresses how the Spirit is always there, even through the bad times.


Oh, yeah. I totally went to the gym last night and felt like a rockstar:

Stairmaster: Started at level 11 (which feels pretty slow now!) and went up every 4 to 5 minutes. I was at level 15 for maybe the last 3 minutes, and bumped it up to level 16 for the last 20 seconds.

It said that I traveled over 2.75 miles in 20 minutes, but I’ll round down to 2.55 miles <– you’ll see why I added the extra 0.05 mile.

It’s funny that the other people in the gym were staring at me when I hit level 15 and 16. They probably didn’t know the stairs can go that fast… or I looked like I was going to pass out and they were concerned.

Treadmill: Started around 7.2 mph, and went up by 0.02 mph every couple of minutes until I hit 8.0 for a bit, then went back down to 7.2 and did it again. I was doing this on one of the treadmills and after 5 minutes, I hit .70 miles, but the machine suddenly stopped. How rude. I moved to a different treadmill and ran another 15 minutes and 1.75 miles.

Total: 2.45 miles in exactly 20 minutes. <– hence, the extra 0.05 mile from the stair master adds to this to make it 5 miles for the day. I’m weird like that 😛


Breakfast was another PB&PB&B&CS sandwich.

Michael was in the kitchen when I made this. I let him try a bite, and he had to make one for himself as well. I’m telling ya’ll, it’s going to be a thing.


I also enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee WITH an add-shot from Michael’s espresso machine. I had about 2 tsp of Italian sweet cream creamer (the one with hydrogenated soybean oil… trans fat!). I’m trying to alternate the milk and creamer because I don’t want to have trans fat everyday.

[Remember, even though the nutrition label says there’s no trans fats, they are technically allowed to have less than 0.5g of it and still say zero grams. You have to look at the ingredients to see if there are any products that say “partially-hydrogenated blahblah oil” or “hydrogenated tralala oil”. It lurks in places like cookies/baked goods from the store and many other foods that need a good shelf life. ]

Mmmm… trans fat.

Just kidding.


I plan on doing an Insanity workout with Michael, walking Vanna, and then eating the other half of my Subway sandwich.

Any cool plans for your Tuesday?


2 responses to “Monday Recap

  1. you so crazy michelle! the stairmaster is seriously a killer!! even on level 7! and your pbpbcsb sandwhich does look good and i don’t even like peanut butter lol

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