Before I talk about this special fear of mine, let me give you a quick look at my breakfast… PB&PB&B&CS sandwich again:

Yup. Just can’t go wrong with this combo. Michael had the same breakfast, except he added flax seeds, too.

It rained last night and it there has been light showering on and off this morning. I only played with Vanna outside, but didn’t walk her. If she had already been wet from playing out in the rain (which she does sometimes), I would have taken her. Today, she was just chilling on the bench and her fur was dry.

Yikes… it looks like it will be showering tomorrow, too! 😦

Sometimes, I sneak Vanna into the guest room and play with her there for like an hour. Maybe I’ll do that tonight, hehehe.


Okay, now the the fear thing… it was a little misleading. My daily devotion got me thinking about the fear of the Lord:



So the passage was actually from Living Life, and it was Exodus 1: 1-14. I ended up doing all of chapter 1.

You know the story of the king of Egypt who decided to kill all the male babies? Look closely at verses 15 to 18. Observe how he told the Hebrew midwives to kill any baby that is a boy, but the midwives feared the Lord and they let all the boys live.

In the previous verses, this king is ruthless and tried to have a hand over the Hebrews by oppressing them and enslaving them. Their numbers continued to grow and they were fruitful, despite the fact that they were forced into slave labor. Despite all of this, the midwives feared God more than Pharaoh, and they were able to go against Pharaoh’s command.

Had I been in their shoes, knowing that this Pharaoh guy is crazypants and can also put my friends or family into even more hardships, it would have been so hard to hear God’s command and obey Him. I may have feared this king because he can make the suffering so much worse and I may justify following his orders to protect myself and my family.

Do you feel like we sometimes justify our actions or thoughts because we know God will understand the situation? What if someone takes a job that is somehow cheating other people out of money, in order to provide for his own family? What if we decide we need a new car or need a new, bigger house instead of seeing that there are others in the world who need clean water or need shelter?

Honestly, the majority of my days, I lack the fear of God. I’m so comfortable in my cushy life. I never worry about when I’m going to get my next meal or having a place to sleep for the night. I justify all my purchases saying “I need a new top to match my new pants” or “It was on sale… 50% off!”

Do you really need to upgrade your phone every year to a better, newer model? Do you need to have a new computer or buy a bunch of new clothes (in a closet with no space in it)?

I think this generation lacks the fear of the Lord. If we were the midwives, there is a very small chance we would have trusted Our God and gone against Pharaoh. Why? Most of the time, we are never in such a dependent situation, whereas the Hebrews, who were being oppressed, had to cling to Our Father to get through every moment of every day.

Garsh… it’s so hard to challenge ourselves to depend on Him. This is just something I was thinking about today… it’s something that challenges me because there is maybe one day out of the year that I will be overwhelmed with the fear/reverence for God Almighty, and the 364 other days are just about doing what I want to do.

Am I the only one who struggles with this?


I’ll get to blogging about fitness and such later tonight 🙂

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