Productive Tuesday

Woo! How was everyone’s Tuesday? Mine was surprisingly productive!

Before I get to my day, let me show you one of my simple joys:

I loooooove scented candles! I actually like the fruity, citrusy scents over the floral ones. During November, I definitely enjoyed a pumpkin pie scent, and a Christmas-y one during December. Anyways…

My friend Chimi got this for me as a belated birthday gift. Thanks, girl! I love it! The pineapple cup is so cute 😀

While I had the candle to make me smile, I had my Biology studies to make my brain hurt.

Actually, it wasn’t too bad. I was getting in the zone while studying and I postponed the workout for after work instead of before work. But that means I didn’t get to walk Vanna 😦 so I’ll walk her tomorrow, for sure.

Michael and I went to work together because our hours were almost the same, and on our way back home, we went to the track to run! Michael put on a t-shirt and shorts, and it ended up being too cold, so we only did one mile. I bet the other people who were there thought we were weirdsies.

Actually, there were only like two people so we got to do two laps the “normal way” (going counterclockwise) and two laps the “wrong way” (clockwise). Why? We both started having weird pain on one side of the leg, so we tried to balance it out.

Hey. Do you know where the tradition of running counterclockwise on the track came from?

It’s because runners are always trying to “beat the clock“. That’s why we go in counter-motion of the clock.

I are very smart sometime…

… actually I remembered reading that in Runner’s World magazine.

Also, if you plan on running clockwise because of ITB issues or other imbalances, I suggest you do it only when there are like one or two other people on the track. It kind of goes against track “etiquette”.


We got home and smelled mama’s dinner cooking. Dang. I couldn’t stop drooling because everything smelled so good!

She prepared three main Korean dishes, and a bunch of sides. This is a chicken and vegetable dish:

Spicy fish dish:

Fermented soybean (with tofu and vegetables) soup… which totally doesn’t sound as good when translated into English 😛


WHOA. We killed basically everything except for a tiny bit of fish and the soup. Three men and two ladies (<– except one of the ladies has the appetite of a man) can sure put away a lot of food!

I think it’s kind of amazing how my mom can work night shifts as a nurse, get the whole house in order, and still bust out these dishes to feed four beasts. She said it only took her 30 minutes to make everything. In fact, she likes to make enough for one meal (maybe a tiny bit extra for my dad’s lunch the next day). She loves to use fresh ingredients, and she definitely won’t let any produce go to waste.

My mom= Wonderwoman.


After I let my colossal meal digest, I decided to go Insane.

Today’s Insanity workout was Max Cardio Conditioning, and it was pretty good! 47 minutes of burning muscles and sweat. There were actually a lot of easier segments that allowed me to recover a bit before doing a much harder segment (where I can give it my all). Definitely still a great workout, but slightly easier than some of the others.

Since I was a little antsy from running only one mile today, I went on the elliptical and raised the resistance so that it feels like moving in molasses up to my waste. Only for one episode of the Daily Show.

That’s how someone with thunder thighs… puts even more thunder in the thighs… or something.


Got some more studying to do!

Anything exciting planned for Wednesday?


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