Insanity Progress

Before I get to my progress with the Insanity program, let me go through my main meals. My older brother had some take out and I got a bit on my pretty plate and added some chicken to it. They were simply butter noodles with garlic and Parmesan cheese, a bit of greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and breaded shrimp.

It definitely could have used some Tabasco because it was pretty darn buttery.


I also ate an apple and packed a pear to eat later. Hey, here’s a question… is your body shape like a pear or an apple?

By the way, this apple was soooo good. Michael told me the apples with a lot of vertical lines are sweet, and I heard that lopsided apples are super sweet… so I looked for the most lopsided apple with the most lines on it.

Guess it’s true?


I had two hours of lecture, then two hours of work (the pear and a boring granola bar were consumed in between these two). I was going to stop by at the gym, but decided to come straight home and do an Insanity video.


This video was 55 minutes long and some of the intervals were just plain crazycakes. (<– Joe thinks it’s funny that I put words on the blog that I never say in real life. Hey, it’s fun to create new words ;D )

The very last part of the video was not AS tough as the other segments… until it came to those darn “diamond jumps” (as demonstrated by Tanya in the picture above. That’s right, I know all the names of the people in the videos). Who the heck puts all those jumps at the very end??? Insane peoples, that’s who.

But, WOW. By the end of these videos when I’m cooling down and stretching with them… when I hear the music at the end when he says “Peace out” or whatever… I just feel so proud (… and tired, of course)!

So as far as the progress, I must say that I feel really fit and I think I’ve lost some weight from my armsbackthighsabsarse. I am definitely at a lower weight than before I started the plan. The BEST part is that I am able to perform higher intensity exercises and I think it’s actually making my running faster!

Oh, but I also gave up dessert for Lent, so it might not be Insanity at all that is responsible for my body’s transformation.

I am considering whether I should put up an “after” picture… even though I don’t exactly have a “before” one. It’s kind of funny, and sad… but I took a “before” picture over a year ago and after looking at it, I got so bummed that I overate that night. Okay, so maybe it’s way more on the sad side.

I thought I had it and considered using it in the blog, but I must have deleted it. Boo.

For the month of February, I have completed 98 miles (includes the time put on the stairmaster and walking Vanna). I was going to do two more today to make it a perfect 100, BUT… I was pretty pooped.

So you know how I used to be obsessed with numbers? I didn’t want to go against the wishes of my tired body just to make my mileage be an even one hundred. Who cares if it’s just an extra two miles? MY BODY CARES. For once, I’m going to listen to it.

WHOOOOAAAA… I’m growing up so fast, huh?


Oh, BTW, here’s my dinner:

My mom made a fresh batch of spicy chicken and vegetable stew. I added a bunch of asparagus on the side… and that poor plate looks too small to carry the load of my huge dinner.


Are you good about listening to your body? Or do you easily overwork yourself?

2 responses to “Insanity Progress

  1. It’s great that you listened to your body. Why? Because it’s so much wiser than yourself. Huh? Think about it… God made our bodies, thus it’s PERFECTLY designed. Our bodies know what’s good for us. Our mind on the other hand, is DRIVEN by us. At least, that’s how I see it.

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