Droppin’ Monies Left and Right

First, before how I talk about droppin’ dollas all over that place, let me tell you about today’s workout:

Insanity Cardio Cord and Balance, which was about 37 minutes long and pretty easy. It’s supposed to be for the recovery week, but I’m not following the schedule. I’m just doing the videos depending on how my body feels. This morning, I wanted to take it relatively easy 🙂

Umm… for those of you who have done this one… the last 2.5 minutes or so of holding that plie squat while flailing your arms around (or… I guess it’s supposed to be a controlled motion)… that’s just plain mean. This guy knows what I’m talkin’ about:


After the video, I did 13 minutes of core work with a stability ball.  There are three sets/circuits to a few simple moves that shred my abs to oblivion.

Then I decided to be mean and wake up this furry animal to go with me for a run:

I think she fell asleep when it was sunny and it started showering while she was asleep. Once we got going, it felt like a heavy mist.

We covered the same 1.5 mile-mountain-loop in our neighborhood and it was actually done in just over 20 minutes, despite the fact that Vanna insisted on stopping to smell something every 50 yards. We did a lot of uphill running and she kept up with me the whole time!

In fact, it made me think back to a particular giant hill that used to be sooooo hard for me to even jog up. Now? I started running from a lower hill that connects to the giant one and sprinted at the end.

I love when I can stare at big fat progress right in the face.


Umm during work, my abs were soooo sore. I think I’m going to use the Stick to roll out my abdominal muscles tonight.


Now let me tell you about my little spending spree… at Target.

I had some necessities that I had to pick up (coffee, construction paper, yogurt). I definitely got those items, and then some:

I’m going to use this as my “creamer”. Why not flavor my coffee with flavored milk?

BTW, I just tried this ^ combo and it works. Maybe because they both have spices and sweetness?

Garsh. I am weaksauce when it comes to scented candles. They are one of my simple pleasures in life:

These candles are $1.99, and I was smelling them and putting any super yummy ones into my basket. I must have blacked out for 30 seconds or something because I looked down and realized I put nine candles in my basket.

Whoops. I returned most of them, and I just had to keep these two.

I haven’t had dessert in over a week, so that Lemon Cupcake one is at risk of being eaten.


Know where else I dropped a lot of monies?

That’s right, my friends. I have registered for the California International Marathon, the place where I ran my first full marathon.

December 2, 2012… it is going to be glorious, mang.

Today was actually the first day to sign up! I put it on my calendar and registered for just $85. <– That’s including the processing fees and blahblahblah. Isn’t that awesome?

Here is the website to get all the info on this marathon. It is a NET downhill (gentle rolling hills), the weather was perfect last year, and there is nothing like crossing the finish line after covering 26.2 miles.

Especially you young’uns… if God has blessed you with functioning arms, legs, heart, and lungs, don’t you dare sit on your derriere and turn into pudding.

Make that heart pump, make your lungs work, get those legs moving!


How was your Thursday?

Any plans for tomorrow? (I’ll be joining the church ladies for another workout session tomorrow morning)

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