Treadmill Game

I just completed a pretty amazing treadmill workout and I made it into a game.

It’s simple… take your mp3 player and simply have a “base speed” to return to. I wanted my “base” zone around 7.5 mph to 7.7 mph.

During all the intro, verses, and bridge, run at the base speed. Then during the chorus, speed it up to something at least 1.0 mph faster.

Intro: 7.5 mph

verse 1: 7.5 mph

chorus: 8.6 mph

verse 2: 7.6 mph

chorus: 8.7 mph

bridge?: 7.7 mph

chorus: 8.8 mph.

Then the next song, I kept the base the same, but continued increasing the speed at each chorus. I ran for several songs and my highest speed was 9.7 mph.

SAY WHAAAAAAA??? Nine point seven miles per hour.

That chorus was so very very long (haha, 20 seconds or so).

I ran 2.5o miles in 18:30. Then, I walked 0.5 miles at a 7% incline, and my walking speed ranged from 4.5 to 4.8 mph.

Oh, yeah. I did 0.35 miles warm up for a couple minutes on a different treadmill before my treadmill game. I had to switch because that one was being sassy and decided to make a bunch of noise.


Endorphin hiiiiiiiighhh (<– you must say this in a high-pitched voice)

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