Friday Recap

I’m up way passed my bedtime! But I still want to give you a recap of what happened today.

I steamed the Pumpkin Spice latte from Target (about half a cup) and added to my cinnamon vanilla coffee and my, oh, my… it was quite lovely.

Now… I know it looks like wet baby poop on my breakfast, but it’s actually about a tablespoon each of peanut butter and pumpkin butter atop sliced bananas and Greek yogurt.

I was thinking that I needed more protein in my life, hence the yogurt instead of bread.


I let another workout session with Addie and Jane. Thanks, Addie, for hosting again!

We did about 5-10 minutes of Pilates (working the core and warming up the body), followed it with yoga (which may have been about 25 minutes, including all my explanations), and some work with our dumbbells (maybe about another 25 minutes with my yabbering).

I hope I hit every muscle, and everything in between, from head to foot. 🙂

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at King Eggroll (gotta love $3.50 Vietnamese sandwiches and $2.50ish for two spring rolls!). I ended up only eating the spring rolls, thinking I was going to fit in a run before work… but we ended up eating the juiciest, sweetest oranges and talking over a strong cup of coffee

GARSH that coffee was soooooo delicious! And know who else got to hang out with us? Just a couple of cool cats:


[I actually forgot to take a picture of all of us together!! I’ll take like eight next time to make up for it :P]


I went to work, then headed over to Joe’s and we immediately went out to Quizno’s to use a couple of coupons that he had. I got a dollar off this large harvest chicken salad (it was chicken salad that was mixed with mayo, apples, grapes… and I don’t usually dig the stuff mixed in mayo but this stuff was gooooood) and came with more tomatoes, cucumbers, cranberries, and some kind of acai dressing that I wanted to drink in one shot. It was that good.

Oh, yeah. It came with warm flatbread= awesome.

A bit later, I was feeling reeeeeaaallly sad because I totally wanted some kind of dessert… *sigh*.

Oh, well. An apple the size of my head will have to suffice.

Oh! And Joe and I shared a bit of Esther’s granola (that she got from TJ’s. Even though it’s gluten-free, it tastes pretty good!).


I feel uber bloated (maybe I put too much of the acai dressing?). I’m going to fit in an Insanity workout, take a shower, read a book, and fall asleep really super late. That’s how Fridays are supposed to be, yeah?

Hope you had a great Friday 🙂

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