Tracking Your Progress

Tomorrow, I have a 10K, and I decided to take today as a (nearly) complete rest day.

I started my day off right… a pumpkin spice misto.

While my coffee was getting all delicious in the French press, I steamed the rest of this pumpkin spice latte with Michael’s espresso machine:

Goodness gracious, it was exactly what I needed before doing a short, non-impact morning exercise. I know it’s supposed to be a rest day, but I couldn’t sit and do absolutely nothing, so I substituted the Insanity Cardio Abs video (which has some jumping) for the P90X Ab Ripper X video (16 minutes long):

I haven’t done this video in a while so it actually ended up making me work pretty hard, and it was just the perfect amount of exertion needed to keep me from doing any other exercise the rest of the day.

I went to Young Adult Bible study right after and had lunch. Small slice of combination pizza, salad, some macaroni salad, thousand island dressing.

I actually ate a banana and granola bar right after (since it was supposed to be my breakfast but I missed it).

After Bible study, Joe and I went to pick up my race packet for tomorrow. It was at Running Revolution in Campbell, which was luckily 4 minutes from church!

I was actually in and out of there in about five minutes. It’s going to be a very small race, and I’m happy to be running for a good cause.

If you’re interested in running tomorrow morning, you should still be able to sign up on race day! Sign up here if you’re around Los Gatos tomorrow. Race starts at 10:00AM, which is a pretty late start for a race.

I don’t know if you remember but my Garmin’s GPS function was not working, so it is being shipped to Kansas right now for repair. That means I will be running the race tomorrow purely based on RPE (rate of perceived exertion). I’m actually curious to see if that will make me run faster for a short distance like this since I won’t be freaking out if one of the mile splits was “too fast” or something.

I’m just hoping to break 50 minutes :).

I plan on running around an RPE of 8 (out of 10) in the beginning, then jacking it up to 9 around the last mile, then 10 near the finish line. This is going to be the first time Joe watches me run a race, so I’m super excited to dash toward him after the race and give him a sweaty, salt-crusted hug. He will be so thrilled, hehe.


Let me give you a recap of my short Insanity workout from last night. It was the Insanity Fit Test (25 minutes), which I probably should have done on Ash Wednesday when I started doing the workouts, but I totally didn’t even think about it.

There are exercises to perform over one minute, and it was still a pretty good workout because you’re going as fast as you can during those 60 seconds.

I actually have my fit test from about two years ago (the first time I did Insanity), and I wanted to compare my results:

                              2010:                          2012:

Switch kicks:             58                            55 (L+R= 1 rep)

Power jacks:              40                            50

Power knees:            100                           96 <– lost my balance a couple times

Power jumps:             45                            58 <– exhausting, yo

Globe jumps:             10 rotations               14 rotations

Suicide jumps/burpees: 21                          24

Pushup jacks:           23                             31

Low plank oblique:     31                             40


So there is (in general) an improvement from the last time I tested my fitness. I’m just not sure how I counted the reps for the first one, but both times, I was looking in the mirror to see that my form was okay.

The only one where the form may have been questionable would be the pushup jacks. Girl with thunder thighs can’t go all the way down to 90 degrees with shrimpy arms for the reps near the end. I think my pushup form is way better than two years ago, that’s for sure.


Joe and I are hanging out today at my home, but we’re going to be really productive. I’m going to study while Joe reads his book. He’s out walking Vanna by himself right now because I said I’m not allowed to be walking up and down all those hills with a race tomorrow. I want my legs to be in the best condition so I don’t have any excuses with whatever time I get.

I hope I get a good night’s rest tonight! I’ll let ya’ll know tomorrow how I did 😀


Do you keep a workout log/track your progress?

If not, I really recommend it! It’s amazing to look back and see the improvements. Maybe I’ll do a post some day about how I track/log my workouts.

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