Jenny’s Light 10K Run Recap

Just a heads up, this post is pretty long. Before I get to my race recap/results…

….I’ll start with a recap of Saturday night.

Joe and Vanna got home from their walk and greeted me at my window:

It made me so happy and giggly. She’s looks like a big teddy bear in these pictures!

We gave her a shower, and then got to makin’ a yummy snack.

I made this for myself (Greek yogurt, Peanut butter Cheerios, Special K Protein Plus, and a big scoop of peanut butter). Joe tried a bit and wanted some, too! So I gladly made him a bowl of it.

I had to park my arse in my seat and study for a couple hours, and this guy got to hang out and take a nap. Hmph, not fair that he gets spring break and I don’t.

Around 7:00, we started thinking about where to eat. We decided to look for a Mexican restaurant that has delicious tacos. La Cueva is hard to spot, I’m glad we saw it because the tacos were soooooo good.

Their chips and green salsa stuff are amazing! I wanted to dump it all over my tacos, but we were actually eating it from my bed while watching No Reservations so I had to eat my food like a lady.

I also had the leftover greens and macaroni salad from Bible study (which, in this picture, looks nasty. Oops):

I wanted dessert in a baaaaaaad way, but since I can’t until Easter, I had to sub in some produce.These tangelos are soooo super sweet and Joe was so surprised by their vibrant color! I really love that fruits and veggies are colorful 😀

I also love this apple and Peanut butter combo, my “dessert” #2:

I didn’t really measure out an amount, but I was scooping up a generous dollop of it on each bite, so it was probably more than two tablespoons.

Oh, well. I knew I had a race the next morning, so I didn’t care 🙂


This morning, I woke up at 8:00AM and made some coffee. Joe came over about an hour later and we headed out to Vasona Park for the Jenny’s Light Run!.

I ate my pre-race foods in the car (which, I later found out, ended up not being enough fuel!)

I was ready and super excited about this race. It was even more special because Joe was there with me!

Joe knows that I like to have more than one photo (he asked for one where I was flexing or something). This is me thinking of what I should do:

I finally decided on doing this:

^ Haha, perhaps in a few months, I’ll actually have some biceps to show off. This picture just looks like I’m putting a fist in the air.

It was such a beautiful day for a race! Praise the Lord for such wonderful running weather!

I even spotted Helen before the race! She and her friend, Alton (<– did I spell the name right?), were running the 10K as well!!

We waited around for a while and I was so happy to have this guy with me to drive me, carry my bag, take pictures for me, and be near the finish to cheer me on!

So as you know, I did not have my Garmin Forerunner with me, so I was just trying to base my speed on RPE. I think I pretty much stuck to my gameplan, but of course, it was impossible to know what my splits were or how much faster/slower I needed to go.

What sucks is that in the middle of the race (around mile 3), I feltso hungry. What??? With all those tacos, chips, fruit, and the fuel this morning, I should have been fine with that food for a 6.2-mile race.

But for some reason, my stomach was grumbling and as it was trying so hard to digest the air that filled its space. Boo.

So as I came near the finish, and we converged with the people running the 5K, it became crowded with walkers, people pushing strollers, or other people who were not in the race. I don’t know if it was all the dodging, but I was stinkin’ pooped from mile 5 to 6, but once I got a glimpse of Joe, I had to push the pace super hard.

^ Umm… I don’t know why my form is so funky. I look like one of those marionette dolls, with my arms and legs swinging around in the most unsightly of ways.

^ If you’re wondering about this picture, it’s because I was sprinting toward the finish line and Joe (an excellent photographer ;D) couldn’t keep up with my amazing speed…

… or my camera totally lags. You decide.

My goal was to beat 50 minutes. So what is my time for my first (real) 10K???

48:25, mang.

I was so sad at the end because I thought I didn’t make it in time, but there was about a 90 second difference from the gun time and my chip time. HOORAY!!!

It was even better because I had my favorite guy at the end of the race to run to. I told him that he has no idea how awesome it is when there is someone to hang out with post-race.Seeing a familiar face during a race just makes everything so much better :D.

After today, I know for sure… Joseph, you will forever be my raceday companion. You don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into, mister.

After checking the results, I grabbed some snacks from the Whole Foods booth, and we headed back to my home so I could wash up and get ready for church.


On a day like this, I thank the Creator for blessing me with thighs of thunder and for giving me the desire to run 🙂


Church was really nice today! I’ll maybe to a Sunday recap later tonight or some time tomorrow.

How was your Sunday?

4 responses to “Jenny’s Light 10K Run Recap

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  2. Congrats Michelle! 😀

    I am so happy your first 10k went so well for you! WOW! That’s a GREAT time!
    Thank you your messages & wishing me good luck~

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