I Challenge You

Before I present you with a challenge, let me go over some Sunday highlights:

During the lunch time, Joseph and some others were playing dodge ball. See that white blur near the right of the picture? That’s the ball headed toward some unfortunate person.

Joe is a self-proclaimed dodge ball master… but he is not that young anymore, so he got pooped more quickly than in his glory days (middle school? haha).

Here are my Friday workout victims, Addie and Jane! They are also giving up desserts for Lent, so it’s nice to have other people to suffer with. We are all planning on gorging on desserts at midnight when Easter rolls around.

God will help us through until then 🙂


I went to Panera yesterday to study for a midterm, and I actually felt pretty good about all the material that was covered.

Then my stomach started to complain… “ME HUNGRRRRRRRY.” So I went back to church to wait for the guys to finish playing basketball, and we headed out to Kunjip (Korean restaurant in Santa Clara) for dinner.

Our friend Phil ran the Napa Marathon yesterday!!! So I definitely had to ask him how everything was and how he did. Considering that this guy barely trained, couldn’t listen to music, AND he drove to Napa the morning of the marathon… he killed it!! Phil is the super tan one on the left (umm, I’m pretty sure he was like three shades lighter last week).

GOOD JOB, PHIL! Now I want to run another marathon 😀

Oh! It was funny because Robin pointed out that my brothers and I were all wearing red:

Haha, random coincidence.

Anywho, Joe and I ended up splitting the spicy kalbi jjim. It was MASSIVE, and super filling. They also give three kinds of spicy pickled vegetables (as seen in the back) that are bottomless and oh-so-yummy.

I helped Jenn out with her spicy cold noodle dish… but I totally forgot to take a picture. Probably wouldn’t have looked very appetizing anyways.


Fast forward to this morning, and I woke up about an hour before my alarm (I guess I was nervous about the midterm). I calmed my nerves with caffeine in the form of a pumpkin spice misto, and made a comforting breakfast:

Yes, that bundle of bananas needs to quit jacking up on ‘roids.

Actually, no… with all the extra banana, I was able to smother even more PB on it!


I got owned by the Bio lecture midterm. Enough said.


I didn’t get to have lunch in the middle of the 3-hour lab and the midterm (just a wimpy granola bar), so when I went to Joe’s, I was ready to eat everything in sight… so that’s exactly what I did.

This is a handful of spring mix, a LOT of soba noodles mixed in dressing, 1.5 boiled egg, a bunch of potatoes, and a good amount of chicken.

I later had a second bowl with more spring mix, more potatoes, and more chicken.

For a mid-afternoon “dessert”, I ate a huge apple and granola. Joe made me an Americano, and sent me off to work.


After work, I came home and chowed down on some food my mom had ready.

Up near the top of the photo is fish and slice of jalepeno, fried in egg; then there’s asparagus; rice (riddled withbeans); and chicken. I ate this bowl of goodness with Korean sides (like kimchi and fermented soybean stew).

For “dessert”? These luscious orbs:


Do these tangelos remind you of anything?

OH, my gosh!



Why… did you see something else?


Okay, so I’m getting a tiny bit tired of all the back-to-back-to-back Insanity videos (oh, btw, I did the 47-minute Upper body weights one last night), so I wanted to change it up a little tomorrow.

Here is the challenge for you. It still Insanity-esque, it’s just a different way to do it.

Do this workout with me tomorrow! I will still do an Insanity video tonight, but by tomorrow night, I want you to have tried this workout:

SPARTACUS WORKOUT (<— click on the link) from Men’s Health magazine.

This fit fella will show how the ten moves are performed, and there are descriptions on the side for each one. What I suggest is that you read through all the descriptions, be familiar with them, get your weights ready, then set your timer.

Each move is to be performed with good form, as many reps as you can, and you have one minute to do so. You have 15 seconds to rest before the next move starts, and you have one minute to complete that one, then 15-seconds rest. This continues until you have completed all 10 moves (which is one round).

I think they give you like two minutes or something between each round. Whenever I do this with Michael (who introduced this workout to me), he makes it through the second round before he feels the need to vomit. That third round (if you’re using weights that are sufficiently challenging you) will be killer.

Joe showed me this great online stopwatch and I use the one that counts up for this workout. Each set will be almost 12.5 minutes long (meaning you’ll be done with this workout in less than 45 minutes if you do all three sets).


Anyone who is going to try this challenge tomorrow?

JOIN MEEEEE in the MISERYYY. You’ll feel amazing after 🙂

4 responses to “I Challenge You

  1. Challenge accepted. And I like the grammar right at the beginning of the post. Haha the first sentence.

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