Tuesday Recap

I started the day off right. Greek yogurt, 3/4 cup Peanut Butter Cheerios (<— umm, does anyone else find it kind of messed up that that’s one serving? I can easily eat 3 servings), blueberries, and strawberries. Those berries make an appearance during dinner today.


I was out running an errand this morning, and when I got back, Michael and I did the Spartacus workout from Men’s Health (you can find the link on this post).

It was AWESOME. It has been a long time since we did this one, and like I mentioned before, Michael was not able to complete all three rounds the last time we did it… it may also have been due to the fact that we didn’t own many dumbbells and he had to do all the moves with 20 pounders.

So most of the exercises were done with the 12-pound dumbbells for me. The 10th move is a dumbbell push press, which is pretty lame with 12’s, so on the second and third round, I switched the moves to jump squats and then power jumps.

CRAZINESS UP IN HEERRRR. We were done and pooped in less than 45 minutes. That includes the 2-minute breaks between sets.

Also, if you do these moves with the timer, one minute will never feel so long (especially during the split jumps) and 15 seconds will never feel so short (rest).

After the workout? Only the very best: Asparagus, toast with Lacy Swiss (<– my FAVORITE. 9g of protein!), Sriracha sauce, and egg.


Right before work, I ate this really yummy Pure bar with a huge banana.


During work, I was aware of my tired inner thighs every time I got up from my seat or moved around. Thanks, side-lunges.

By the way, one of my favorite students told me something really sweet: “I like you, Michelle. You’re a good teacher.”

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


After work, I skipped to the kitchen (great day at work= bouncing with energy) and made myself a congratulatory salad. Blueberries and strawberries again??? Why of course. I plopped those on top of my bed of greens, threw some chicken on there, splashed it generously with poppyseed dressing, and dinner was enjoyed in 6.5 minutes.


I should present another challenge to you guys… to put some color into your foods (and yellow, brown and white don’t count!). If your meals are only meat, bread, potatoes (fried), corn and one piece of broccoli for garnish…. then I’m talking to you!!


Speaking of color, I had some colored construction paper and decided to make some random things for fun. I used to do this all the time and make a complete mess of my room (even more of a mess than it is now GASP) with bits of string, paper, glue, glitter, and scraps all over my carpet.

I decided that I won’t be a 4-year-old and actually clean up after myself. Sortakinda.


What’s that you say? Your 5-year-old cousin can make way better animals than that??? Awwww, maaaaan.  😦


I had an itch to run a couple miles, but no desire to drive all the way to the gym. What to do…

Oh, yeah. There’s a treadmill in Michael’s room. It was perfect timing because he had a late student today, so I borrowed my dad’s metal computer-holder-contraption and watched some shows on Hulu while I went easy and jogged a bit.


I did 3 miles easy run (25 minutes) and then walked 0.5 mile (another 7 minutes).

If you’re thinking that the screen looks really small, you’re right. My computer is actually just a tiny netbook. It has taken a lot of overuse and poor treatment over the years, but I always say sorry and promise to treat it better the next day.

Haha, sucker. I’m going to overwork that thing forever.


So… did you do the challenge?

If not, what was your workout/exercise today? (Yes, running around after kids totally counts).

2 responses to “Tuesday Recap

  1. I didn’t do your challenge because I just recovered from your killer workout on Friday, but I did go back to playing tennis after a long break due to my leg injury. I had so much fun playing tennis with my usual group, and because it was sooooo windy today, the tennis ball seemed to have a mind of its own and we all had fun chasing it around. I played for over 2 hrs and had a great, fun workout.

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