Running with the Boys and Travel

It was pretty much an amazing day! I got to go running with Michael and Pastor Justin this morning, and God blessed us with perfect running weather.

As you can see, there is not a cloud in the sky and it was in the 50’s. Praise the Lord!

^ This is at the end of our run. The boys aren’t mad, they’re just so happy to have finished a long run and were excited to have a picture taken.

Our run was 9 miles at the Los Gatos Creek Trail, and we took it super duper easy. There was conversation for much of the run, plenty of stops (water fountain, stretch, tie shoelaces), and we were back after about 84 minutes. So my guess is that we ran around 80 minutes (taking out the breaks), which is just under 9:00 minute miles. Perfection!


I was running late for class, and super tempted to ditch… but I ended up showering at the 24 Hour Fitness across from campus and going to class like 30 minutes late.

Hey, at least I went.


After class, I had about an hour to kill before work, so I went to Joe’s and he made me an Americano while I ate my snack. Brownie points to Joe for being a nice boyfriend.


My work gave me a special task to do as an extra office hour… I got to create a visual of some sort that could help a certain student see his progress in our program.

I looked to see what his interests are…. “he loves trains and cars…”

Dangit. Definitely not my forte. In fact, not anywhere near my cute-animals-stars-hearts-cartoon field at all.

I gave it my best shot:


Oooh, I guess it will look nicer with some color:


I can’t really explain to you how they’ll do the progress “chart”… because I don’t really know either, haha. Let’s just hope he really likes his name, since it takes up like 25% of the page.

I also hope he doesn’t shoot down my “train” as some weird thing with four houses on wheels connected to each other… even though that’s exactly what it is.


After work, Joe and I dropped by Target to pick up new snacks for Vanna (somehow, she knows just by the wrapper that it’s a new treat that she’s never had before. I just fed her one and she was flippin’ out with excitement while I was opening the package. What a freak). Afterwards, we used a Carl’s Jr. coupon to purchase dinner:

Joe got two Santa Fe turkey burgers for $5!

And you know those people who go to fast food places and orders a salad? WHO DOES THAT???


Dollar off this salad, yo.


Joe, Michael and I are headed out to LA tomorrow! We’ll only be there one day… after that, we are headed to another awesome place.

Here’s are some clues: lights, indulgence, buffets.

Any guesses?

4 responses to “Running with the Boys and Travel

  1. Hey…. you’re very artistic! I didn’t know that. Your animals were very cute, too. You drew those trains and cars, right? Awesome!

  2. wow, you guys are so fast!

    i finally signed up for 24….time to get crackin on them workouts and turn this tofu of a body into steel!!

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