Greetings from LA

Umm… I can’t upload a lot of pictures because the internet at this place is slowskies.

Let me just show you the scary creatures we faced before lunch.

We went to a Chinese seafood restaurant called Newport Seafood, a place that Joe and I visited on our 4th anniversary trip.

Here is me and cute awkward guy

I ordered a Vietnamese style shrimp salad for lunch. It looks ginormous, yeah? Well, it was no match for me. I demolished that salad, and ate some rice with the guys’ dishes.

Speaking of the guys’ dishes, they were greedy and ordered two items each!

There was plenty left over.

We were sufficiently stuffed after the meal!

There was also a visit to the Grove and the Farmer’s Market there, but more on that tomorrow.

It was actually quite an eventful Thursday for us! Delicious eats and plenty of driving. It was a beautiful day to be out and about in LA 🙂


By the way, I woke up early this morning to do a quick 17-minuteAb Ripper X video before we left.

Know what I call that kind of workout? “Better than nothing.


Any plans for the weekend?

😀 We are headed to an even MORE exciting place tomorrow!

One response to “Greetings from LA

  1. Those are some scary looking crabs! Like some sort of giant mutant crabs from outer-space or something. Since I can’t go on vacation right now, let me live vicariously thru your blog. Keep those pics coming!

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