Hello! We picked up my older brother from Diamond Bar today and arrived in LAS VEGAS around 3:00 p.m.

On the way, we shared a 10-pc chicken meal at El Pollo Loco. I don’t know if we were hungry, but it was super duper yummy.

Once we arrived, we checked out Mandalay Bay (where my older brother is staying) and the Encore and Wynn hotels (we’re staying at Encore).




We walked around a bit, and ended up eating atThe Buffet. OH. EM. GEE.

[Haha, so I’m a bad blogger, and I don’t have my USB cable with me right now, so I’ll have to update with those pictures some time tomorrow.]

I ate a crazy amount of veggies, as well as other heavy foods, so I was waddling around, feeling like a balloon after dinner. I wanted to go to the gym at Encore, but it closes at 8:00 p.m. How lame. Don’t they know that people come to Vegas to exercise and live healthy lives???

[By the way, if you don’t understand sarcasm, you’re going to think I’m stoopid and wierd. Just lettin’ you knoe.]

We came over to Mandalay Bay, and while the boys went to go hit the tables and whatnot, I went to the gym… only to discover that it was also closed at 8:00 p.m.

Luckily, Michael decided to hang out with me and we ended up doing some random exercises in the hotel room and then going to the stairwell to run up and down the stairs (43 stories, yo)!

The random exercises were all body weight moves like plank, plank variations, pushups, mountain climbers, squats, lunges, jumps, tralala. It added being around 40 minutes, and then more than 20 minutes of the stairs, and we felt so much better!

Hey, even if you don’t have a gym membership, you can easily do exercises in your room to get a whole-body workout! And it’s always good to improvise in situations like this. Find little ways to break a sweat. Trust me, you’ll feel better

(I annoy the guys by always taking the stairs instead of the elevator)

(Hah, unless we’re just going up to the hotel room to put stuff away. There’s no way I’ll go up 30 flights of stairs just for something like that, hehe)


You best believe I’ll be hittin’ up the gym tomorrow, though ;D

And there are a few friends who just flew in from San Jose! I will attempt to act my age and stay up late (instead of acting old and retroactively being in bed like 30 minutes ago… somehow).

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