Official Greeting from Las Vegas

Okay! I was only able to tell you a little bit about the Las Vegas trip so far. This post will be heavy with pictures, and it may jump around a bit.

So we are staying at the Encore (the one behind Wynn)

This was at Mandalay Bay. It was such a sunny day! Perfect weather for the pool.

Here are some pictures of our room. It is separated into two sides… one is the living room and the other side is the bed.

As usual, the decorations in the resorts are super lovely. I could probably take like 30 pictures of all the beautiful hallways and decor.

Here is The Buffet at the Wynn. It was such a pretty buffet!

My first and second round were pretty similar. Both were extremely colorful!

The first plate had beet salad, roasted butternut squash and parsnip, some kind of grain with apricots and dressing, shrimp cocktail, red snapper, and a lot of mixed greens under it.

The second plate was almost the same, but featured four crab legs (they were kind enough to cut it in half so they were super duper easy to eat).

Super two thumbs up!!

[Not gonna lie, all those veggies= gaaaaaaas].

Anyways, these guys were smart and went low on the carbs/grains/veggies and went for the expensive stuff.

Joe was actually really funny the second time we went back because he decided to get like one cup of candied walnuts (knowing that they’re pretty expensive at the store). Smart guy 🙂

My “dessert” ended up being dried fruit, walnuts, some cheese, and pineapples. Everything was great except for those horrible dried apples (or apple-scented styrofoam).


Our friends arrived! They only ate a super light dinner before coming, so they were really hungry by the time we sat down (around midnight) at the Burger Bar.


We got back to the hotel room, and half of us are going to bed, and the other half are going out for drinks.


It is 2:51 a.m. as I type this. Which group do you think I am in?

2 responses to “Official Greeting from Las Vegas

  1. Darnit – we JUST missed each other in Vegas!!! I hope you’re having a great time – and I hope you were in the group that went out for drinks 🙂

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