Back From Vacation

I’m back home and it was a pretty tough Monday since we got back from SoCal super late and I had to wake up early this morning.

Anywho, here are some highlights from Saturday night. The ladies dressed up a little more for the show (but not too fancy for me. I wore flip flops, for sures).

Driving down the strip took a long time, but it was very nice to see all the beautiful sights.

KA was at MGM Grand and DANG. This show was pretty awesomes. The stage moves around it’s custom-built for this show.

Afte dinner, we went to Bouchon which is Thomas Keller’s restaurant (the executive chef of French Laundry). This restaurant is in the Venetian.

Here’s Phil, Robin, and Tammy:

Me, Joe, and Michael:

Their bread was really super good for some reason, and I’m pretty sure I ate a whole braid of that by myself.

Tammy ordered the foie gras as an appetizer:

I ordered the salmon and it was delicious! Whenever I watch the fine dining cooking shows, they cook the fish on one side almost 90% and then 10% on the other side. The top was crispy and salty, in quite a beautiful way.

There were leeks and potatoes underneath with some kind of beet… puree? I forgot what they called it, but I wiped it clean with the bread.

Joe ordered two appetizers instead of one entree. This picture makes the dish look a lot bigger than it really is. Pork cheeks are quite small, BUT it was so yummy eaten with the bread.

Hey. If you ever decide to have a heart attack over anything, don’t let it be simple French fries or burgers. Make sure you go through cardiac arrest for bone marrow, okay?

Who would have thought that I would like mopping up plain FAT and seasonings with bread… and totally lovin’ it??

Haha, you may have noticed that I ate a good amount of bread with every part of this meal.

After being sufficiently stuffed, we went out to take a quick walk around at the shops. I really love the way they painted the sky (uh duhhrr) but the others were maybe too full to appreciate it?


On Sunday morning, we left Las Vegas and headed over to LA for some Korean all-you-can-eat bbq. Tammy recommended Road to Seoul and BOY, are we sure glad she did!

Ya’ll ready to beast?


BTW, I’m wearing a shirt of Joe’s that doesn’t fit his large, muscular arms. Let me say it again (if I haven’t already)… guys’ clothes= way more comfortable that girls’ clothes. Who cares if I don’t look cute if it means I can eat a butt-ton of food and ya’ll won’t be able to tell?

Bring on the meat! I actually love the rice cake that you can wrap it in. If you’ve never had Korean bbq, grab a Korean pal and have them take you to one! It’s so delicious.

I did something that many professional all-you-can-eaters would get mad about… I filled up on a whole plate of this scallion pancake

It comes fried and it was so crispy and carb-y that I couldn’t help but eat a whole pancake (it came with two huge ones. Everyone else was filling up on the meat while I was sneaking a big piece of this every 5 minutes until the plate was empty).

After such a good meal, we went over to a boba/coffee place and I ordered a REALLY GOOD green tea latte. It was the perfect sweetness and had a lot of matcha powder, which I super duper love.

Oh! and yesterday’s workout:

Digest 20 ounces of meat and a pound of sides. Also, shifting around in the car for 5 hours while we headed back up to San Jose.

Easy workout day 🙂


Whoops, that was a super long recap.

So anyways, now that I’m back from vacation and I went back to a good eating routine and working out.

Today’s workout:

59 minute Insanity video, the Max Interval Circuit one. This is my favorite one to hate. It DESTROYS ME by the end and I just love the feeling of finishing it and standing there in my sweat-drenched accomplishment.

Haha, gross, huh?

Oh, I’m also still major bloated and puffy from the indulgent weekend, so I threw in an easy 20 minutes on the elliptical while finishing last week’s episode of The Biggest Loser. 


How do you get back on track after an indulgent weekend? Does it take some time or is it easy to get back to a healthy routine?

3 responses to “Back From Vacation

  1. Now I really want to go to Vegas, and stop by LA on my way! Road to Seoul looks really good, and so does Bouchon. I gained 10 lbs by just looking at your pics of all that yumminess! Looks like you guys had a blast. Thanks for the pics; I love vacation photos. I could just imagine myself there…

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