Almost Perfect Start to the Day

Breakfast: my favorite lacy swiss cheese on top of pumpkin butter on some toast. Obviously, I should have been watching it in the little toaster oven, but I was talking to my mama.

The cheese made a huge bubble and I just chipped off the burnt part. It still smelled great and it tasted SO GOOD with the pumpkin butter… eat bite of toast with a bite of banana, of course.

Almost perfect execution… I’ll get it next time.

I actually have no clue where two hours of my time went. I guess I was just reading blogs and emails… OH! I did my scripture writing and daily devo for the day (comes from Exodus 7:1-13… 14?).

Then I played with Vanna, who has been miserable in the rainy weather. She was pretty happy today and I also got to brush her crazy fur and have her practice her only trick… “Stay”. You can throw the treats at her face, put it on her nose, throw it all around her, she will not move until you say, “Come”. What a good girl 🙂

Then I made some amazing lunch:

French bread with my favorite cheese (again), egg, Sriracha sauce, and asparagus on the side.

Nice and toasty sandwich. It was sooooo good!

The French bread is from Target ($1.69 for the really long one) and it’s not like the Safeway kinds, which can cut your mouth when it’s toasty. This one has a softer texture and tastes super yummy.

Oh, and I wanted to go to Starbucks to get some kind of coffee, too, but Michael said I should save some monies and he was kind enough to make me a “pumpkin spice” latte with two shots (using the pumpkin spice milk from Target).

My mom made the design into two leaves. Haha, and the huge cup says “tea” all around the sides. Funny, kekeke 😀


So Michael and I are going to go to AT&T for me to FINALLY get a cell phone (I lost it in Vegas. Who would take a cheap flip phone?).

Then we’re both going to work our few hours, head over to RoadRunner Sport to pick up our race packets, and then go to the gym.


How did you start off your Thursday?

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