Running in the Rain

Do you remember yesterday when I mentioned that I wanted to eat some cheese on my new fig crackers, study, and maybe stop by at the gym?

I did two of those, for sures. Any guess as to which one totally did not happen?

I’ll give you some clues…

Yum.10 crackers with cheese consumed. Whoops, one serving size is 6 crackers.

And I learned that the network of specialized muscle fibers that provide a path for each cycle of cardiac excitation to progress through the heart is called the cardiac conduction system… and I learned like 20 other things.

SO I did NOT put in any miles yesterday, and that was A-OKAY with my legs. My poor calves had so many knots in them and my arse was whining every time I stood up or bent down to get something.

I guess all the jumping around during the Insanity workouts will do that to you.


This morning, I had the 2-hour lecture (which is my second to last one, woo hoo!) and had about an hour to kill before my 2 hours of work.

What to do…

Eat a snack, grab a caffe latte, and read Runner’s World magazine in the car? YES, PLEASE.

And interestingly, I read a couple of articles that totally speak to me. You know that there is a race this Saturday and a few members from my church and I are running in an event (half, 10K, 5K)? And the forecast says it’s going to rain!

So what better than some tips for running in the rain?

Hopefully these tips really help us out:


I’ll really go with the tips about how to suit up. I’ll grab a visor and my old(er) Asics to run the race this Saturday.

And you KNOW I love eggs, yeah?

Well there are so many health benefits to them (besides the obvious benefit of making everything taste 85% better).


After work, I hit the gym for some treadmill-pounding (I wimped out on actually running outside in the rain).

Today’s workout:

Treadmill: warmup for the first 10 minutes, increased every few minutes by 0.2 mph and reached 8.2mph around 20 minutes, kept it there for a while and climbed back down and finished the run in 36 minutes covering 4.5 miles.

I was reading a magazine while running, and I wanted to stay a bit longer, but realized there were no more available treadmills and a couple people waiting. I try to get off after 30 minutes when that happens.

Stairs: I decided to hit the stairmaster while waiting for another treadmill to open up. Just 5 minutes at an easy level 10. Said I went 0.58 miles, but I’ll round down to 0.5 miles

Treadmill: Another one opened up and I just did a cool down run of 1 mile in 8:15.


Got home and made the same Thai-inspired noodle dish as the other day (I saw a page with a peanut-noodle dish in Runner’s World magazine, too! It’s like they’re talking to me in so many ways)…. (oh, great. It’s the weight loss issue. I hope that’s not what they’re trying to tell me…).

It was basically the same thing except with a fried egg on it. That picture of the egg in the article above looked so good! I tried to make it a perfect circle like that and totally failed. Oh, well. Tastes the same either way.


Have you ever gone running in the rain?

Have you ever run a RACE in the rain?

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