Productive Thursday

The rest of my day today was so productive!

Michael went with me to the AT&T store to get a temporary phone for me to use until I can get an upgrade (someone else in my family used MY upgrade to get a fancy new iphone, AHEM). Totally fine though.

Hey. Did you know I’m weird and only want a phone that is… a phone? I don’t need the internet, it doesn’t have to take and store 100’s of photos, and it doesn’t need a bunch of games (I’m fine with playing the demo that says you have to buy it to play anything passed round 1).

Well, I want  it to do this fancy thing called texting and also to be my alarm in the morning.

That’s it.


Then I dropped Michael off at the Saratoga location (we work for the same place) and I went to the Los Altos location for work. I picked him up afterwards and we headed off to Road Runner Sport to pick up our race packets.

Luckily, there were no lines and there were many people there to help us out. The only thing is that they couldn’t find my bib number! So they changed me to a different one. I hope it doesn’t cause problems on race day (Saturday)… otherwise I’ll be super grumpy.

We also got my insoles refitted to ones that fit the size 9 shoes I have, Michael bought some new socks, and I bought some compression sleeves for my calves. I actually had a pair just like them, but they totally disappeared :(. I’m hoping I’ll find them one day so I’ll have two pairs 🙂


We went to the gym for a quick sweat:

Treadmill: 20 minutes exactly, 2.51 miles. Easy. I felt like I was flying. Too bad the stinkin’ treadmill was not on an even surface. I felt like I was running diagonally because the left side was higher than the right. The gym was packed and there were no other available treadmills so I just walked a 6% inline at 4.8mph for another 0.5 mile.

Ellipticalish thing: 12:30 min. It sucks because I super duper wanted to keep running… but no other ones opened up.

So we just went home.


There was a package waiting for me at home! I ordered a purple shirt from New Balance off of this blog because she had a code for 15% off (and free shipping). Oh! And there’s the race shirt for this year’s Go Green St. Patrick’s Day Run. Super cute!



Stupid feet… always trying to get into my pictures. So rude.


Umm before going into the gym today, I was drinking a huge gulp of water when Michael made me laugh and I seriously almost drowned. I had to spit the water in my lap, I was crying (and yet still laughing), and coughing for so long.

Luckily, after like ten minutes of coughing really hard, I was able to get all the water out of my airways.

Good times.


I’m so not satisfied with the gym session, so I’m going to do a little something more tonight. Tomorrow’s my REST DAY since I want my legs to be 100% fresh for the race on Saturday (even though I won’t be racing my hardest), so I can stand to do a tiny bit extra today. I’m thinkin’… yoga.


Did you have a productive day?

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