Vanna’s Story

As I was playing with Vanna today, I remembered that I wanted to put her story on my blog at some point…

She has kind of an interesting story and I feel really grateful that she is my pet and best friend (I mean… a great companion).

So you know my beautiful friend, Susan? It was shortly after this time (around May) in 2009 that she rescued a puppy.

This is what I recall of the story… there was a man who was force-feeding bleach to a few adult dogs (two males and a female). The neighbors heard the commotion and were able to get some police/authorities out there to stop the man and to attempt to revive the poisoned dogs.

Unfortunately, the dogs did not make it. However, the puppies were found and saved. Vanna was one of the puppies that were rescued.

Through Susan’s work, she heard about these puppies that needed homes and her heart broke for them, hearing how their parents were killed and she just had to save one of them.

Enter: Vanna’s cute puppy face.

Susan had Vanna live with her for a while, but because she was in an apartment at the time, and taking care of a puppy is full-time work, she brought Vanna to church to see if anyone was willing to adopt her (knowing she can trust the people there to take good care of her).

I saw her and fell in love. I ended up bringing her home soon after (without asking my parents! But I knew that they would fall in love with her the moment they saw her, so it was all good).

Joe was pretty excited about having a puppy around, too.

In fact, everyone was really excited about her!

Here’s Josh and puppy Vanna:

As she grew up, we discovered that she is a super quirky dog. She used to be a super crybaby, and now she’s just vocal about what she wants (it’s like she can talk to us through her many weird noises).

She also has a really special relationship with “daddy”:

They are play pals and love to chill/nap together:

Even when Vanna got spayed and she was all drugged up, she tried so hard to stay awake to play with Joe. She ended up standing on his back and dozing off like that. What a weird dog.

When Vanna was younger, she used to live in my room. She also had to live there while our deck was getting remodeled… but no dog likes that. They need space to roam and run around.

My room was super stinkies, but it was fun to wake up to this face every morning.

She lives in our spacious backyard now, and I think she’s way happier being able to run around, fend off deer or other animals, and breathe the fresh air.

Her fur has grown out like crazy and she sheds more than two cats, but she’s still got that cutie pie face and interesting personality 🙂

Vanna loves to go for a walk/run and will even sprint up the hills with me to help me train. She’s a playful, happy, funny dog. She always knows the right things to say to make me happy, or the right times to be silent and listen to me as I vent.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about Vanna!


As I said last night, I did 47 minutes of Yoga X (from P90X series). It is a substitute for doing an Insanity workout so close to “race” day.

I yelped a couple times because my darn hamstrings were so tight AND I was quivering and shaking during some of the poses. I only laughed and fell over once.

Today is my rest day, but I did the 17-minute-long Ab Ripper X (also as a sub for an Insanity ab video… I didn’t want to do any jumps).


I’ll be studying for a final that I have on Monday, rolling out my hamstrings and calves, and laying around to get maximum rest!

What are your plans for your Friday night?

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