The Half Marathon… That Wasn’t

Dangit. So I ran a race this morning, the Go Green St. Patrick’s Day Half Marathon (and 10K/5K) that ended up not being a full half marathon.

Before I get to the half marathon that was NOT, let me show you one of the best parts about having a race…

FOOOOOOD. Haha, I joke.

… only a little.

I kind of messed up and went a little heavy on the fiber-rich goods, but I didn’t really care since I wasn’t planning on going ALL OUT on the run.

This place has purple yams (so flipping sweet and delicious!), spinach pasta mixed in Italian dressing (from Safeway deli), fig crackers (eaten with goat cheese brie), and a big honkin’ rotisserie chicken breast.

Talk about random, yeah?

To top it off, I ate some Greek yogurt (2%), granola, and a big scoop of peanut butter mixed it. I was super duper craving dessert, but this was good enough for a substitute.


Fast forward to this morning and I wake up with about 5.5 hours of quality sleep (Vanna was super angry at some deer in the woods or something. She was barking like crazies). I made some coffee, got picked up by my awesome boyfriend, and we headed out to the park (same one as the 10K).

During the ride, I ate a banana and a Clif Mojo bar. I think this will have to be my go-to race fuel when I’m pressed for time. I love that the salt in this bar= getting my electrolytes.

Even though I didn’t know how I would do with this race (no particular training and no race mindset), I knew one thing for sure…

…I was going to dress to be the sexiest runner out there.

For those who can’t handle “sexy” in the purest and most concentrated of forms… you should probably look away.

Pure Sexy:


Hehe. This was taken before the start. I found Pastor Justin and we ran the first few miles together. I told him that he should just pace a bit with me (in the beginning so he doesn’t go out too fast) and then take off whenever he wants. He left me around mile 3? 4?

Okay. So this race had a lot of friendly volunteers and enough of them to point us in the right direction (until near the end). The half marathoners converged with the 10K runners around mile 7, and that’s when this got crowded and perhaps confusing for the runners. Some have to split off to another trail and another will go straight, blah blah blah.

[My thoughts: “Garsh, I’m so glad I’m not going for a PR or something. Dodging people or running passed them is super tiring.”]

[Also thinking: “It feels like a sauna in this sweatshirt. Dangit.”]

So around mile 10.7, I notice that we’re coming up on the finish line and everyone’s cheering and saying we’re almost there.

[My thought: “…. what…?”]

And then boom. I cross the finish at 10.85 miles in 1:26:27 (according to Garmin).

[My thought: “Okay, now I’m REALLY glad I wasn’t going for a PR!”]

I was initially really upset that they screwed up the distance/directions, and I had to agree with something that was written on the half marathon results:

True that, man. True that.

BUT… I later got my act together and realized that I shouldn’t be too upset. I wasn’t coming out here with a RACE mentality. I just wanted to run it pretty hard and use it as training for a different race I have in two weeks.

[The SacTown 10-miler will be one where I actually race and today proved to be promising for my time goal for that race. You get some different awards/prizes for breaking certain times for that race, only up to 80 minutes. My pace for this race was 7:58 per mile, and I felt good to keep going! So I’m definitely thinking I’ll break the 80 minutes for that race… if I feel amazing, I’ll strive to break 75 minutes.]

OH! Something that made this race super special was all the support from these fine peoples! So many members of our young adult group came out! I was REALLY REALLY happy to see them and I’m so thankful for their support.


Robin took some awesome pictures of the race!

Here is Sandy and Hannah! They ran the 5K. (Sandy’s sign is funny because she runs a preschool)


Here’s my younger brother, Michael! He ran on a bad ankle with barely any training and still beat his 50-minute time goal for the 10K!! Isn’t that just annoying…

This was Jonathan’s first race and he completed the 10K!


This is me coming in toward the finish. Umm… what the heck is up with my awkward hand?


I was still pretty happy that I had a good run and that so many people were there at the finish! Makes it super special 🙂


I promise, I was only sad about the distance thing for a little bit. Great job PJ! (BTW, the half marathoners got those beanies at the finish. I’ll sport it next time I run when it’s super freezing).


Great job to everyone!!! And thanks to all you NCUMCers who made these awesome signs and came out super early to cheer for us! God has truly blessed us!


After the race, we had to go around and get as many freebies as possible. If they are going to hold a race with the wrong distance, then their sponsors better be super generous with their samples and such.


Yah. They were super generous. I walked away with three coconut waters, three gels, two Power bars, and an Honest Tea (not pictured).


I washed up and we all met up again for young adult Bible study after! Tammy made a yummy and healthy lunch.


The grapes were supposed to be separate I guess… but if you know anything about me, I always put fruit in my salads.


I have a youth lock-in tonight! And I’ve also got to get some studying done for my Lab final on Monday.

Did you have a nice Saturday so far?

Have you ever run a disorganized race where the distances were off?

5 responses to “The Half Marathon… That Wasn’t

  1. Congrats on the marathon! Glad to hear that you did so well, and that so many people came out to support and cheer. I’ll have to join you guys next time.

  2. Good Job Michelle!
    Ahh~ Sorry to hear about your half… My sister ran 10K last year and she wasn’t so happy with the race. They had the same problem with Half-marathon people, many runners were upset… 😦 it’s hard to believe… didn’t correct the same problem.

    Anyway~ your time is awesome! Congrats on your new PR. 🙂
    SO PROUD of YOU!!!! ^^

    • Thank you! Haha, I ran the “10K” last year, which had no turn around… so we ran more than 7 miles. I think after two strikes, I won’t be able to give them another chance next year. Either way, it was a great day because we had many people from church who raced for the first time that day!

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