Seems Like a Long Weekend

Wow. My Saturday night seemed extra long! Know why? I was up passed my bedtime… but it was to hang out with some awesome youth kids at my church (I teach Sunday school to the high schoolers).

Before heading out for the youth lock-in, I got some grub from Pho Minh…bbq chicken vermicelli, mang. Can’t go wrong with it!


I was happy to see that we had all 15 students attend the lock-in! Our youth room was packed, and I kind of love that.

We played a lot of interesting and hilarious games:

Our apologies to the parents for sending your kids back in only partial working condition.

I was actually pretty tired throughout the whole day, so even after the nice dinner, I pigged out and ate some late night foods. Cold Costco pizza… can’t really go wrong with that at 10:25 p.m. (like my sandal in the corner? It’s from Korea. Cost me one dollar).

I ate a butt-ton of fruit! This was one of like… 6 plates or something. Those oranges were out-of-this-world-amazing.


I knew that I needed a good night’s rest, so I actually broke rule #1 (and maybe the only rule) of a lock-in and went home to sleep. I left whey they were doing a sharing and prayer time with each other.

I left around midnight and was in bed around 12:45 am.

Haha, I found out this morning that they went to bed around 4:00 am. What animals. I would have been a super crankydoo if I had stayed there.


So I went to youth worship this morning, taught Bible study to my sleepy high schoolers, went in for the last part of the main worship, and then had an amazing lunch.

This is probably the weirdest combination of food everrr, but it somehow totally worked! Dduk bokki (spicy Korean rice cake) with potstickers, and a ham and cheese on white (or potato?) bread.

I ate that plate x 2. Yeah. It was that good.

While everyone was hard at work prepping for soup kitchen…

… I was playing with our pastor’s cute son, JJ:


He was being super playful and we got to play outside on the grass and even made up our own way of playing on the lampposts outside. I said “play” a lot just now.

I was in a really good mood until I finally got myself to go to Starbucks to study for the stupid lab final.

I got really bummed out because I realized… I’m going to get owned. Oh, Lord… how infinite is your wisdom and how amazing You are for creating these bodies of ours…

… why does it have to be so very complicated?????

Umm, if you know all the mechanisms and nerves and processes that have to go on for you to simply have a beating heart and blood circulating through your body and back to the heart, your eyes would also roll to the back of your head and you’d be in a state of loss and confusion. <–Run-on sentence. <–Fragment sentence.

So wish me luck on my lab practical final! Just send me all the knowledge you know via brainwaves and I’ll use it during the exam tomorrow. Thanks.

… I’m so sorry about these boring (annoying?) complaints.


I am thinking about modifying that stupid Insanity idea that I had about 20-something days ago (doing it for 40 days?? PSHH, I DON’T THINK SO). I probably won’t get to do a workout today, even though I’ve been eating a lot this weekend. Oh, well. I’ll have some pent up finals-nervousness energy that I can run off during this week.


Hope you had a good weekend!

One response to “Seems Like a Long Weekend

  1. Thanks for the all the photos of the Lock-in. I get to take a peak into what goes on in my son’s activities when I’m not there. You’re like my spy… heh. heh. heh. When I asked him how it went, yesterday, all I got was “good”, and other one word responses to my questions. It was like pulling teeth!

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