The Beast is Back

Yes, that’s right friends… the beast is back!… but in a slightly weakened state. BTW, no pictures today. Whaaaaa?

I went to the gym today with Michael. For breakfast, I ate my (usual) breakfast of toast with PB and a banana. And coffee. It never fails me.

Today’s workout:

Treadmill: I gave myself 40 minutes to run easy on the treadmill and told myself that I can walk after 4 miles are done. I alternated the incline between 1% to 1.5% every mile, and reached 4 miles in about 33:30. I walked on a 3% incline until I hit 40 minutes exactly, which added another 0.52 mile. I was speed-walking at 5.0 mph near the last couple of minutes so I could make sure I hit the 0.5-mile mark.

Bike: Level 13, 12 minutes easy.

Squats: It has been such a long time since I did a heavy leg workout! February 14th was the last time I did it!! I definitely felt it…

95#— 10 reps, warmup

135#— 8 reps <– I was out of breath and slightly lightheaded after this set!

135#— 7 reps <– got lightheaded again!

135#— 7 reps <– Oh, great. Now I’m lightheaded AND nauseous! It was insane.


Lunge with twists:

25# plate: 10 reps on each side stepping forward

25# plate: 10 reps on each side stepping back



I always have this one huge shoulder vein on my right shoulder that makes an appearance when I lift, and now I’m getting the same one on my LEFT. I looked like one of the meat-head dudes in the gym. One guy even said, “Excuse me, sir, are you done with the bench?”

True story.

Or perhaps the last part was a minor fabrication.


You have no idea how happy I am about hitting the heavy weights again! It’s also pretty crazy how my body was so shocked with those squats! It has been a long time since a workout forced me to recover for so long AND made me want to up-chuck.

I love it.

You’ll be able to bounce a quarter off my thunder butt after I focus on these kinds of workouts… because you know… quarters are super bouncy.


I hope you guys aren’t scared to hit the weights. It really will make you feel amazing 🙂

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