How I Beat Exercise Boredom

This post is super randoms… so try to keep up 😛

I made a bunch of cranes last night because I felt like it. Well, finding a bunch of origami paper while cleaning up your closet is totally awesome.

A good 30 minutes went by while I was watching the Biggest Loser before I realized I should probably exercise while watching.


Today’s workout:

Core: So when I work out the core, I am talking about all the muscles around the ribcage (including obliques, upperish back, lower back, and hopefully some of those deep-down transverse abdominals). Think of a corset… it needs to wrap all the way around the waist, not just on the front. So if you’re laying down and only doing crunches, you’re wearing some weird funky corset, my friend. I did my core moves using a medicine ball.

Everything was burning and working my core muscles at every angle! But I love me some core-burn. I’ll have to use the Stick to roll out my abs later.

Elliptical: I did about 45 minutes while finishing the rest of the Biggest Loserepisode. I put it to a level that felt like I was wearing a 60 pound vest and climbing up a mountain made out of melting caramel. It was TOUGH.

Even though my legs were turning over at such a slow pace, I was working way harder than when they are spinning free and out of control.


My legs didn’t hurt or feel sore from yesterday’s morning until about an hour ago after class. This is how it always starts… as a sneak attack… and when I least expect it after work, I will semi-cramp up or feel the crazy soreness after getting up from my seat.

It will be super fun.


I’m at Starbucks right now. I ordered a nonfat misto, but I’m pretty sure it’s regular/whole milk. It tastes way too delicious and the milk is more thick and creamy. I’ll let it go this time… because it tastes flippin’ amazing. Dangit.


Tonight is the birthday dinner for my old(er) brother! My brothers have been wanting to play some new Wii game, so that’s what we’ll do after a Black Angus meal (birthday boy gets his steak free!).


So back to how I like to beat boredom…

If you have been following my blog for the last three months, you’ve seen that I do a lot of activities and workouts. I love to try out new things, but there are a few that I stick to for sure…

actually just one… RUNNING. But even with running, it’s easy to fall into a rut! So here are some ways I mix up my workouts to keep them from going stale:

At Home:

1. Watch something on TV or online and do your exercises while watching. You can make it a game (like doing jumping jacks/burpees all the way through the commercial break. You will never hate commercials more than when you have to do a high-intensity exercise during them).

2. Look for some free videos online. I tried out some new ones through Hulu, like this 10 pound slimdown series and other yoga or pilates videos. It’s a way to try out new workouts in the comfort of your own home.

3. If you have a jumprope, use it. I don’t because it’s seriously hard and I’m not as coordinated anymore. I hear it’s great for your legscalvesbuttheart. I usually last one minute (tripping three times and starting over) before I quit. My mom is way better at jumping rope than I am.

4. Grab a friend or family member and head outdoors! Just a simple activity like walking (and speed-walking… jogging… RUNNING!) for 20 to 30 minutes is easy to do since it only requires shoes and some good company.Whenever my motivation is flagging, I’ll grab Michael and head out to the gym or walk the hilly neighborhood with my mama and Vanna).

5. Sign up for a race! Start with a 5K, and it will give you a bit more motivation and purpose for going out and hitting the track/pavement!

At the gym:

1. To beat treadmill boredom, get some fun, fast-paced songs on an mp3 player and follow the cues through the music for when to run fast and when to take it easy. I feel like it’s a game that makes time fly!

2. MAGAZINES. I guess books work, too. Okay, I don’t know if this is for everyone, but I love to read magazines while doing cardio. It’s probably easiest on the elliptical, and I don’t advise anyone new to the treadmill to attempt reading and running at the same time… but it makes time go quickly. Just don’t start slowly down and come to a near-halt (I did that in high school once when I was reading Harry Potter on the elliptical and it got super interesting!).

3. Go check out the classes they offer at the gym! Why not take advantage of it and try out some new ones to see if you like them. Also, even if you didn’t enjoy it one time, try it again with a different instructor. The instructor makes a big difference!

4. Ask the gym if there is someone who works there who could give a quick run-through of some of the machines in the gym. If they’re nice, they’ll have a (complimentary) showing of their equipment, and you can add the weight section to your “places to get ripped” list. Honestly, if you only go to the gym for easy cardio, you’re doing yourself a disservice.


My mom made homemade potstickers. She even made the dough (you can tell since it’s kind of thicker than the commercial kinds and uneven. It was super tasty 🙂

I also felt like Mexican food, but didn’t want to go out… so I put together a bowl of barley, beans, chicken, cheese, black beans, and salsa… and since it basically had all the essential ingredients for Mexican food, it satisfied my cravings… for now.

Dang. If I had some cilantro and onions, this thing would have tasted more authentic. Oh, well.

I’ll grab some street tacos another day. I’ve been craving them since having them before my 10K.


BTW, I’ll be attending aBody Pump class at the gym tomorrow! It has been SO LONG since going, and I’m super excited!

How do you keep your workouts from becoming stale/boring?

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