Like I mentioned yesterday, I decided to take a BodyPump class at the gym this morningish. It was so fun!


If you’ve never taken this class before, it’s really fun and I recommend you try it! It will definitely get you feeling the burn in… everywheres. I haven’t taken this class since JULY of last year??? That might be right… I’m totally not sure. I just skimmed back on my workout log and that’s the most recent one I saw (unless I missed one).

Anywho, it happened to be a release that I’ve done before. They are actually launching a new release (new music, new moves) in about two weeks, so I’ll probably do another session of this release before trying out the new one next month.

Here are the weights I used

Warmup: 15#

Squats: 35# <– My butt was still sore from the squats on Monday. Asking me to go down and do pulses… just plain ol’ mean.

Chest track: 20# <— It may sound wimpy, but near the end of the track, it’s pretty much a stealthy killer.

Back: 30#

Triceps: 15#, then 10# plate

Lunges: 7.5# dumbbells, then body weight, then 30# squats to finish. This track was lames and didn’t give me the usual burn as other lunge tracks. I’m looking forward to a new one.

Biceps: 10# <— Don’t make fun of me. It was actually pretty hard at the end! If you keep good form and don’t move your elbows around, it will HURT.

Shoulders: 7.5# dumbbells <– killer. Everyone else used 5’s, but I was too lazy to take them off my bar… so I decided to BEAST instead.

Abs: I really don’t care for crunches, and the planks were much easier for me than last year. Woo hoo! My core is way stronger now!


Came home and made a quick tuna and egg salad melt:

Sorry the lighting makes it look grey… I promise you it tasted stellar, especially with a bunch of Tabasco sauce on it! (tuna&egg salad was just boiled egg, canned tuna, and salsa. I don’t care for mayo, thanks).

I like to eat something with carbs and protein within 30 minutes of working out, especially if it involved hoisting weights. This was a quick meal to refuel my muscles and it was FULL of protein! Love it.


I was under the vent during Body Pump and I was barely sweating, so I’ll probably go out for a run or stop by at the gym before work.


I have some exciting things to prepare in our home for this Saturday! Michael has graciously offered to help (or… I asked him kindly and he said “…kay…”). You will see the fruits of our labor during the weekend!

How was your Thursday? Or any plans to try out new classes at the gym or new workout videos at your home?

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