It Was Supposed to be an Easy Run

So as I posted… like a couple hours ago, I was planning on heading out to run some miles and I was originally going to take it easy.

WELL… there was kind of a change of plans. I put on my “easy run” music (which is the Christian radio station, K-LOVE, since they have a lot of praise songs with slower cadence, it keeps me from being Speedy Gonzales… usually). I started out nice and easy with a ~8:30 warm up mile. My feet were not cold anymore, and I just started praising the Lord with the music and going at a comfortable pace.

It probably helped to make things feel “easy” because there was a slight downhill and a tailwind going out (I did an out-and-back route).

So I had three consecutive sub-8 milers (which is pretty fast for me, unless I’m racing). Then after reaching the halfway point and heading back? TOUGH. There was now a headwind and slight incline. YIKES!

But I tried to keep my pace, and around the last half mile, I really pushed the pace and gave it 95%.

I crossed the “finish” line in 1:02:44 (7:50 pace) after covering 8 miles.


Umm, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to take a bow for this run:

Oh, great. Now the Queen of England is mad at me because I’m bowing all wrong… and I’m bowing the way a man is supposed to. Whoops.

[BTW, I got that Columbia sweatshirt from Joe (or did I just take it?… ) and it has a nice pocket where I put my key and MP3 player. It also gets nice and HOT inside, and makes for a lot of resistance when I run. That way, when I wear something less like a parachute on raceday, I’ll feel like I”m super fast. It’s just major comfortables.]

Oh, and Vanna was laughing at me and making fun of me for bowing to no one in the living room…


… so I had to get back at her…

I made her hold that treat on her nose for a good minute before I let her have it. Look who’s laughing now, puppy? Hahahaha

Hehe, and then we played together for like 20 minutes. It’s sort of gross how she doesn’t mind licking me when I’m super sweaty.

Then again, this dog will just lick you even if you taste like binder paper.


Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with my thunder thighs. I love running, and I’m so thankful that You give me strength to run faster and faster as time goes on.


I hope you can see that blessings in your life today! Thank God for what He has given you 🙂

2 responses to “It Was Supposed to be an Easy Run

  1. With all that running and other exercises, your “thunder thighs” aren’t going to be all that thundery anymore 🙂

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