You Guys… I’m So Full

It was the birthday dinner for my older brother!

I just realized that I only took pictures of the food… but don’t worry. My dad got some pictures of the family.

Initially, I started writing this post with descriptions of the dishes and everything… but I’m just going to post all the pictures and let you see why I am so full (and full of regret).

Yeah. I consumed all that food. One whole bread thing, sauces, the entire chicken and potato entree, and a bite here-and-there of my siblings’ and parents’ dishes.

But you know what’s so very very mean?? Including all these free desserts. They gave us two mud pies and a pazookie-wannabe (but you can’t really mess up a baked cookie with ice cream…).

(actually they kind of messed it up because it was brought out a little late and the ice cream was super melty).

Since I wanted to cry because all the dessert smelled so good, we just got out of there and headed home to play wii!!

It’s always fun to play with my favorite guys πŸ™‚

We played a hilarious game called Wario Smooth Moves. It was kind of confusing at first, but after Michael showed us how it was done, it became super fun and soooo funny!

The animation was really cute and random… therefore laugh-worthy!

(^Like Joe’s head right here?)

There’s a really funny guy that explains how to hold the controller in different ways. He gave me the giggles.

Good times πŸ˜€


Now we’re watching some basketball games. Knicks-Sixers game was a waste of time. Good thing it was TiVo’d and we were able to fast forward through a lot of the game.

Lakers game is looking more interesting πŸ™‚


BTW… somebody from a different country signed into my Facebook account. o__OΒ  Whoever you are… you will definitely realize you’ve hacked into a very boring person’s account. Please stop.


Okay. I”m definitely going to get back to this being a health/fitness blog tomorrow (although it’s partly a life blog, too… and indulging is part of my life, hehe).


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