Got It Done

On this beautiful Friday morning, I had the privilege of leading the ladies with another workout session. Haha, I attempted to do some warmup songs to some music, and… although we were kind of off-beat because I didn’t know the names of the moves or give cues for them… we at least got warmed up for the rest of the session.

We were definitely getting down for some yoga

^That’s Jane’s cat Waffle. She’s kind of porky and I told her she could join us, but she decided to take a nap on the couch instead.

I got to lead Addie and Jane through more than an hour of a mix of yoga (emphasis on balance poses), core/plank exercises, and whatever randomness I could think of that would work their bodies. We got it done!… and then Joy was able to make it!

I threw in about 15 to 20 minutes of pilates and we were DONE.

How you like our rockin’ bodies?


Joy left for work and the rest of us headed out to Downtown Redwood City for some Vietnamese food (at my request, of course).

This place is a great Vietnamese restaurant (they seem to have some other fusion type dishes, such as thetropical fried rice, which comes with raisins, pineapples, cashews, and chicken… BOMBTASTICALLY GOOD).

Oh yeah! We started out with a papaya shrimp and pork salad (comes with fish sauce in it, which I loooove).

Jane ordered the beef stew, which comes with French bread. I actually never tried it like this and it was really good (especially because that fresh bread was awesomes).

Thank you for hosting, Jane! Ladies, I can’t wait for next time!


I had to do a lot of things after, such as wash Vanna and brush her (does she somehow shed MORE NOW??? I just don’t get it), get all my supplies in order, do my Bio homework, then headed out to do more shopping for supplies with Joseph!

After he helped me pick out everything I needed, we went to get a quick dinner at Pho Hoa (we had a coupon for $10 on $20 worth of food). Dang… it ended up being a LOT of food. Spring rolls:

BBQ pork vermicelli for me

A large pho for mister. It ended up being too much for him and he only ate half. Good thing his girlfriend is a beast. She helped him eat everything… after finishing her own bowl of vermicelli, of course 😉


Here are some pictures from the Go Green St. Pat’s day run! (the one that was supposed to be a half marathon).

This is right after we started. You can see Pastor Justin there, too!

YAY! I got a good picture of me smiling and waving! No awkward feet or hands in this one!

But it wouldn’t be Michelle-like to have a non-awkward race picture, so here’s one:

^This is probably when someone yells that the finish line was right around the corner. I was so confused because my Garmin said it was only like 10.80 miles… and I crossed soon after and realized they messed up.

Oh, blurglebloop. <– (if you’ve never made up a word, just do it. Your inner child would delight in it.)


So the little project I was working on… I finally got it done. Well, it’s just a tiny piece to a much larger puzzle… which I’ll have to put together tomorrow.

Hehehe, don’t I look kind of creepy? It’s because I’m super tireds (and yet here I am, blogging way passed my bedtime). And stop judging about that mess that I’m sitting on. It’s all in preparation for tomorrow!

Do you like it?

Oh, and yes, that is a white coat hanger that the cranes are hanging on. I couldn’t find any wire-ish stuff at the store. Michelle= resourceful

and cheap.


How was your Friday? Productive or chill?

2 responses to “Got It Done

  1. You were ruthless on us, Michelle! Steve later complained about the pool of sweat I left behind on their floor. Thanks for a great workout (and lunch!). You must really love Vietnamese food to have it twice in one day 🙂

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