Baby Shower!

[This post is heavy on the pictures! It is a recap of my my friend’s baby shower]

Early this morning, I got up start getting the decorations up for Noel’s baby shower. I actually still wasn’t 100% sure how I wanted to do it, so I just tried something out (the way I saw it in my mind) and went ahead with it.

My Appa kindly got me the ladder so I could reach the top beams… haha he’s pretty trusting of his clumsy, rushed, running-around-with-scissors-and-tape daughter… letting me climb up and down the ladder several times without any supervision! (haha but that’s fine. I wanted to be alone while I put these up).

I didn’t know where to put those darn cranes so I just left it there… and I think it worked out.

Susan, Helen, and Julie came early to help me finish up with preparations and they got set up for their projects for the afternoon.

I got this idea from this blog and I’m so glad it turned out so pretty.

Noel’s sister made a big salad with strawberries and almonds, which was a big hit! I really love all the colors 😀

We had some cute prizes and masks <– just for fun, hehe


For our lunch, Helen thought of idea to have freshly made panini‘s for the guests. We had our choice of cheeses, meats, roasted bell peppers, mushrooms, and condiments. It ended up working out really nicely!

There’s Noel (and baby Urijah), our guests of honor!

Here are the two mommies-to-be.


After all the guests had their food, I put together my own humongous salad (with an extra helping of almonds on top) and made two panini’s.

I used the Muenster cheese, with chicken and bell peppers, and it was super toasty and tasty 🙂


Here are the desserts that the girls helped me finish up:


SO… with the rainbows, the sky on the ceiling, rain outside, animals all over the desserts… can you tell what the theme was?

NOAH’S ARK. Hehe, yes. We even asked God if He could make it rain today so that it would fit the theme, and He was like, “Consider it done, my daughters.”

There were really funny games prepared by Susan! This one was stinkin’ hard! They had about three minutes to try to unscramble the words (anything having to do with babies). First one is “car seat”. Can you unscramble the rest?

Then we made the guests smell poopy diapers:

By the way, they were chocolate bars. There were like three or four girls who got all five of them correct! And I think there was one girl who was willing to store those chocolate-filled diapers in the freezer until Easter… but it was thrown away before I got to them. Dangit.

We also had everyone guess the circumference of Noel’s baby bump using a string:

They also drew the cutest baby they could… while the plate was on top of their heads.

Some of them were suuuper funny 🙂

I got a really good laugh out of that game, hahaha.

After a beautiful prayer from Susan, Noel opened all of her gifts!

She got so many wonderful gifts for her soon-to-be-stylin’ son. I can’t wait to spoil him rotten. I’ll be the cool aunt Michelle who always gives him lots of candy and money whenever I see him so that I become his favorite. Hehehe 😉

While all this was going on, Julie and Helen were hard at work on these lovely favors:

They were pictures that were taken today, printed (while the games were going on) and decorated (while the gifts were being opened). Amazing job, ladies!!!


Then after the programs were over and the guests slowly made their way home, we continued on with some shenanigans:


Noel! I hope you had a wonderful baby shower, with lots of laughs and good food. Your son is so blessed to have you and Willie as his parents! Love you so much!


Today’s workout:

DIGESTING ALL THIS FOOD, MANG. Hey, it’s true. Digestion and breathing require calories.

I’ll have to do something later tonight or tomorrow morning


Did you have a great Saturday?

Do you like the rain? I hear we’re going to have quite a bit of it next week, too.

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