The Kobe Workout

On our (me, Michael, Pastor Justin) way to the counselors’ meeting in Oakland, I just had to take a picture of the sky and the clouds.

God, you are an artist beyond compare. How lovely is your creation!

Okay… the meeting was pretty much amazing! It was really productive and had a great ton of laughter 🙂

Dinner was right on the monies (how did they know I was craving bibimbap?)

And it just wouldn’t be bibimbap (Korean mixed rice+veggie sides+meat+fried egg) without two tablespoons of hot chili paste and two teaspoons of sesame oil. I didn’t talk to anyone during dinner… too busy eating.

After a few hours, the meeting was done and everyone dispersed. A few of us headed to grab a late-night snack (or dinner #2):

Pastor Justin was raving about this place and how good it is. They were kind enough to wait for us, even though we walked it right before closing time.

I have no idea how to make jjajang myun (black bean noodles) look good on camera… but trust me. It was pretty darn delicious. I ate that whole bowl of saucy noodles and one deep-fried potsticker and some deep-fried pork with it on the side. At 10:00 p.m.


Fast forward to this morning, and my face looked like this guy:


No offense, D. Wade. You can rock ’em big cheeks because you can dunk.

I cannot dunk, therefore, I can’t rock ’em cheeks.

My remedy? A NEW WORKOUT. Michael and I are headed to the gym and we’re going to do something called “THE KOBE WORKOUT” (something he got from the interweb).


Yes. I’s be scurred… but I’m glad Michael is down to give it a try.

So maybe I WILL be able to dunk soon enough. Wish us luck! I’ll tell you all about the details later today!


How’s your Monday starting out?

(Also, I have a final on Wednesday. Don’t worry, I will be studying for it later today 🙂

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