“Kobe Workout” Recap

HI! So here’s a recap of today’s workout:

Stairclimber (moving staircase): 30 minutes mostly around level 12. I covered4.05 miles.

Treadmill: I was mostly around 8:00 min pace and ran 2 miles in about 16 min 30 sec, and I walked for 0.15 mile.

Then… it was time for the KOBE workout! Okay… I guess you can grab any lower body superset workout, stick the name “Kobe” on it, and get a lot of people to try it. But… I really liked it! Today was just to see how much I should be lifting for each of the moves.

A: Front Squat for 8 reps with heavy weight, then follow immediately with 12 lunge switch jumps (12 on each side). Rest, then repeat two more times.


^(That’s the front squat)

B: Back lunge with step up knee raise (have a box in front of you and lunge back with right leg, then step up on right foot and drive your left knee up. Step down and repeat on the other leg) for 8 reps on each leg, then follow with 10 jump squats. Rest, then repeat two more times.

C. One-legged squat, 8 reps on each leg; then use a stability ball to pull your feet in and work your hamstrings (I don’t know the name) for 12 reps.

Then we did 10 skater jumps (side to side hops) and then did 5 minutes on the spin bike (going up every 30 seconds in resistance for 2 minutes, then a cooldown for the following 3 minutes). It was kind of a burnout set.


For A, I chose 60 pounds for the first set, then 70 pounds for the following two sets. I couldn’t get the 70# up into front squat position by myself, so I had to have Michael help me. I think I’ll just do regular squats with super heavy weights next time.

For B, I used 15# dumbbells for the lunge-box-knee-lift sequence. I think I’ll go heavier on it next time. Also, a higher box is a lot harder and creates a wider range of motion, so don’t settle for a short one.

For C, we were standing with one foot on the high box and the other foot off the edge. Worked out nicely.


I had glutamine in some orange juice after the workout. Then I washed up and ate lunch right away.


I was a beast at the library and studied for 2.5 hours. I didn’t have my computer out, so I didn’t get distracted at ALL or do anything else besides study my brain into mush.


Michael joined during the studying, and when I was super tireds, we went to Yiassoo for some Greek food.

I got the chicken salad! It has tomatoes, cucumbers, green bell peppers, little bit of lettuce, olive oil, onions, feta cheese, olives (which I didn’t eat) and chicken kebab. There was a lot of cucumber sauce-ish stuff on the side and warm pita bread. SO VERY DELICIOUS.

I kept telling Michael, “Oh, my gosh… I’m so happy right now.” He later tried some of the pita with the cucumber sauce and everything and said, “Wow! I can see why you’re so happy.”

Yeah. That happy feeling is still carrying over to right now. 🙂


How was your Monday?

Did anyone try any new workouts?

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