Finally Done!

Yay!!! It’s time to celebrate! I just finished my last final (haha, I only had two), ya’lls 😀

What did I grab after the lecture final? Some goodies from Trader Joe’s, of course.

I got one of my favorite salads, the Miso Salmon Salad

It is GOOD, I TELL YA. It’s also a great, quick meal to grab on-the-go.

Since it’s kind light, I had to get some extra stuffs to eat on the side.

Sweet potato chips, mang.

I was eating this at Joe’s place and there were baked sweet potatoes, so I ate a couple of those as well.

I wanted to eat something sweet after, but since there is still about 10 days before I can eat dessert, I had to just make due with a Larabar.

I know it says cherry PIE, but it’s totally not dessert. It’s just fruit and nuts. Great snack. Not a great dessert.


I have two hours of tutoring and then I’ll be hittin’ the gym. I’m planning on treadmilling and then Bodypumping.

And then Joe and I are going to eat SUSHI for dinner 😀


Anything you’re celebrating on this wonderful Wednesday?

What Wednesday workout do you have planned?

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