This is How We Do

Spring Break! It’s on, ya’lls!

And how do we do spring break??


We had a $10-off coupon Outback Steakhouse, and even though I originally wanted sushi, we are planning to hit up DAVIS SUSHI (buffet) on Saturday or Sunday when we’re in Sacramento, so steak it is.

I know my skin is super shiny (coughoilycoughcough)… but Joe says it’s pretty much my sexiest feature. For that reason, I will not put on makeup or mattefiers and crap to take away the slickness. Also… I don’t know how.

I went with the mahi dish. I like to order something somewhat healthy so that I don’t feel bad when I eat a bunch of brown bread with everything.

Joe got a ribeye. That garlic mash is BOMB.

^This is before he covered it in A1 sauce, hehe.

We got Peet’s coffee after dinner (I got the Matcha green tea freddo. My fave) and watched several episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

Do you watch shows over and over again? CUZ WE CERTAINLY DO.

The ones that we rotate through: Friends, That 70’s Show, How I Met Your Mother, Everybody Loves Raymond. I guess Arrested Development is pretty good, too.

We are definitely staying on top of Modern Family <— OMG, favorite show right now. Oh, I stay on top of The Biggest Loser, too (but I watch that on my own. Joe’s not a fan because he doesn’t like Jillian Michaels. Even though she’s not on the show anymore, he’s still not that interested in it. C’mon, people… formerly obese people who are on a restrictive diet and forced to exercise for several hours every day… there’s going to be drama!!).

This is how we do any type of break: Blobularizing in front of the computer watching tv shows.


Yesterday was a  rest-and-digest day (the parasympathetic nervous system was kicked into high gear. Who’s with me here?? Anyone taking biology?)


This morning, I did an Insanity video! It was a 55-minute Max Interval Plyo video (I think that’s what it’s called).

Umm… two words for ya: Shoulder sweat.<— if you’ve never experienced this, eat a salty meal the night before a crazy workout. You will have beads of sweat appear on your shoulders.

Yes, it will be incredibly disgusting… but you’ll feel great after!


I know. I’m in such a lazy place right now! But for serious… I’m going to get things back to normal soon.

Tomorrow’s plan: Spin class at 24hr fitness, and then I want to hit the weights to add some upper body buffness. I’ll see how my legs feel… maybe I’ll throw in a couple miles to get my legs in the running motion (haven’t run since Monday!).

I have a race this Sunday (SacTown 10-miler). I’ll actually be RACING and trying to get the best time (hopefully under 80 minutes)! It’s my first time racing 10 miles.


What’s your favorite show that has gone off the air? Do you watch through the old seasons from time to time?

How was your Thursday?

2 responses to “This is How We Do

  1. this is the first time i’ve been on your blog and once I read ‘Davis Sushi Buffet’ I was hooked…davis sushi buffet is awesome! I went to UC Davis for my undergrad (and just graduated this past school year!) so you can probably guess how many times I’ve been there ;P

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