Game Plan

Greetings from Sacramento!

Joe and I set off on this rainy Saturday to journey to the state capitol for the SacTown 10!

Before leaving this morning, I actually did the 16-minute long AbRipperX video. Today is supposed to be a lot of resting before the race tomorow, but I still felt like that tiny bit of exercise (with no impact) is better than nothing.

We had this whole weekend prepared for some celebration (hey… I’m on spring break), which means eating and running (for me).

Our first stop was for lunch on the way to Sacramento… Texas Roadhouse, ya’ll. Have you had their super buttery bread with the cinnamon butter?

Yeah. I knew for sure that I wanted to eat a bunch of the bread with a whole bucket of super salty peanuts

… so I ordered the grilled chicken salad with honey mustard dressing on the side. This salad was HUGE and came with fresh grilled chicken (it was warm and totally tender), tomatoes, cheese, croutons, red onions, and bacon (which I got on the side).

I ended up de-shelling like 30 peanuts and adding many of them as a topping to the salad. I also ate about 50 peanuts before the meal came out.

[What? They’re healthy fats right?(wait a minute… one serving is only one ounce??? Dude. That’s totally messed up. I think I ate like 8.5 servings)]

HAHAHA, Joe’s plate looks weird because there is a shy sirloin steak hiding behind the mashed potatoes (they put the green beans and gravy on the side). Also, I think Joe was in the middle of saying something… hence, the non-smiling face. He’s usually super photogenic.

Umm… can I just say… their steak was so extremely good! Outback got nothing on this place (yeah. I have two bites of Joe’s steak whenever he orders it. That pretty much makes me an expert). I DEFINITELY wanted more of this steak! We already decided to come back next time and get an appetizer and then split a 16 oz sirloin for our entree.

Our server was super nice and packed us like 8 more of those breads (we already at two baskets of bread during the meal). I actually have about half the salad left over, so my dinner is pretty much set for tonight… salad with 5 buttery bread rolls with cinnamon butter. :D. And like 40 peanuts <– you better believe I took a bunch to go!

We hit the road again and reached Sacramento!

The race packets were being given out at a local running shoe store. I was in and out of there in about 5 minutes. Swit.

They even had free coffee in there! So, of course, I got each of us a cup of joe.


My game plan for tomorrow’s race:

I will start out the first mile at a pretty easy 8:15 pace, then maybe around8:05 or 8:10 for the second one, and then run hard for sub-8:00 for the rest of the miles.

I will have an Espresso GU on hand, but I don’t know if I will eat it. If I do, there is a water station around mile 8, so I will probably take it then to give me a little kick near the end of the race.

I want to break 80 minutes for this 10-miler!!! Think I can hold sub-8:00 for most of the race?


PTL! It is not going to rain tomorrow morning!

They also have a complimentary breakfast buffet, so I will probably stop by before the race to get some coffee, a banana and maybe half a bagel. Then I’ll stop by after the race and eat whatever heavy things I want, hehehe.

Luckily, the hotel is just a couple blocks from the race start/finish area, so I can just jog there and walk back after the race with Joe.


What are your plans for the weekend? Anyone racing?

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