SacTown 10 Race Recap

Before I recap everything from the SacTown 10 race, let me tell you about our Saturday night.


We got a $25 credit for the little restaurant/lounge where we were staying (Residence Inn by Marriott in Downtown Sacramento), so we cashed in on it and ordered three items for dinner.


This was a margherita pizza, but it was totally not as good as it looks. The pesto was good, the crust was whatevs, and the cheese was so extremely processed that Little Caesars pizza would have been better.


This burger was pretty good, though. Too bad you only get to see a humongous bun and fries, haha. Whoops.


And of course, as if I didn’t have enough salad, I ordered a spinach salad, which came with toasted pine nuts, goat cheese, cranberries, and a delicious miso dressing.

I ended up mixing this salad with the leftover one from the Texas Roadhouse Lunch, and it was another huge, delicious salad. We had some more of the buttery bread and cinnamon butter and dang. I was STUFFED.

Oh, but I still ate a banana and granola bar as “dessert”.

Did I need to eat this much before a 10-miler? NO, SIR/MA’AM. But I felt like it, har har.


Woke up around 6:40 a.m.

[I actually had super poor quality sleep. You can hear everything going on in the hallways and the pool area, and I guess these people decided to be rude and not consider those who go to bed at 9:30 p.m. on a Saturday night. Geez.]

I got washed up, dressed, and got Joe to join me for the complimentary breakfast they had downstairs. It was actually really good considering that it was all free! They had eggs, potatoes, sausage and biscuits, bread, bagels, a waffle-making station, yogurt, fruit, oatmeal… and coffee, of course.

I thought it would be one of those lame breakfasts with just cheap pastries and bagels. My, was I pleasantly surprised!

I kept it rather light and got two potatoes (haha), yogurt, granola and walnuts, a banana, fat free milk, and coffee. I didn’t drink the milk, but planned on drinking it after the race (which I didn’t). Everything else was consumed.

I usually do banana and peanut butter before a race, but I decided to just eat this new stuff and trusted that my stomach would comply.

It did, and all was good.

Our hotel was right near the finish/start, so I just jogged to the start line. I really really loved it like that! I’m thinking of doing something like this again if I do a race out of town.

This 10 mile course was lovely and the weather (as you can see) was absolutely perfect! It stayed in the upper 40’s, so when we were lining up, it was kind of cold, but the first mile was enough to get me warmed up.

My first mile was 8:27, and it was enough for me to get me into a good, comfortable pace. I definitely got all sub-8:00 min per mile (which was my game plan).

I had a GU right before the 8-mile water station. I couldn’t find my espresso flavor this morning! But there was some peppermint one with a snowman on it. It was super minty (duh) ad pretty good.

The race was well-organized, the course was easy to follow, flat, and the water/electrolyte stations were every 2 miles (little after mile 2, 4, 6, and 8). The volunteers were friendly and the families were out and cheering when we ran through the neighborhood.

Joe was waiting for me around 9.6 miles, and got only this picture of me. I guess I run too fast for him. And he didn’t realize that he could use the zoom function until later, hahaha.

Right as I crossed, I was presented with a little ticket that said “Sub 80” and I got to get another race shirt with that written on the sleeve. Now I have two of the same shirt, just one with something on the sleeve. I wish it just said it all huge on the front or back, but oh, well.

My time was kind of weird because it was only 1:22 above the 75-minute mark but I knew that it would be super duper difficult to break that (I would have to get sub 7:30’s! Maybe next year?). I could have taken it easy (or easiER) and coasted through around 79 minutes, but I just ran hard anyways and tried to get as far under 80 as I could.

1:16:22. 7:38 min per mile pace. Awesomes. That is the time by my Garmin. I actually stopped the time when my watch said I hit 10 miles, which was about 75 meters before the finish.

Here is the medal:


There wasn’t much to look at post race so we got back the the hotel and ate breakfast #2. This time, we got to hit up the waffle station (the kids were hogging it during breakfast #1).


I grabbed some other protein and recovery foods (eggs, more yogurt with granola and walnuts), and more coffee. Oh, and you better believe I grabbed a bunch of peanut butters.


Here is our waffle, which we ate with peanut butter all over it. I want to find our waffle iron just so I could eat that combo again.


Overall, I have to say that it was my favorite race of the year so far (compared to the 10K and the Go Green St. Patrick’s Day “half”). I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

^Wow, kind of awkward. This is the side of the capitol building… it was less crowded, haha.

The Sunday was not over yet! But I’ll recap all of that tomorrow. This post has been long enough 😛


How did you enjoy your weekend?

2 responses to “SacTown 10 Race Recap

  1. Good job! Wow.. Another great race & such a great recap of the race! Thanks for sharing..^^

    You are so fast!!! GO Michelle GO! 🙂

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