How a Beast Refuels

YO. Happy Monday!!!

Today was amazingly exciting because it was a Monday where I did not have any work OR school (remember how Mondays used to be my long days?).

So I got Michael to go with me to the gym bright and early(ish) and I attended the 9:00 am Cycle class. I was five minutes late 😦 and the room was all dark, but people were super nice about it and pointed out where an available bike was AND the instructor gave me a flashlight so I could adjust the spin bike.

Then I created a puddle of sweat and everyone around me were rather grossed out or fascinated.

I met up with Michael after the class (he had been playing full court 3-on-3 for an hour! Crazypants) and we did some upper body weights.

^This was taken after I already did some shoulder moves and that smile is totally fake. I had this creepy look at first and he asked “why can’t you just make a normal face?” So I tried to be normal.

I was doing the upright rows and let’s pretend that it was on its way down (reality: I was pooped). I usually do it with a bar, but there were so many people and it was on the other side of the weight room.

I did my upper body work with just 12.5‘s. I know, I wanted to use 15’s but I could only find one of them on the rack (where’d the other one go?).

Then I did my crazy shoulder burnouts with 5’s and they were KILLING ME. I was trying to keep form and to regulate my breathing… only to look totally lame… because I was using 5’s, hehe.

Also, that tank was a nice light blue color before attending the cycling class. How odd…


I mentioned Sweet Tomatoes in the car and Michael was dead set on going there. The only thing is that it’s really far from our house, so we settled on going to the Fresh Choice near our home.

Michael is the one who taught me to just grab two plates in the beginning.

This one had a bunch of already-made salads (the ones they make there) and they were all pretty good. I think I left a little bit of some of the salads on this plate.


That plate has roasted herbed potatoes, spinach, corn, tomatoes, some bulgar salad thing, kale, lots of raisins, beets, some feta cheese, roasted eggplant, cucumbers (buried), mushrooms (buried) and beans (buried). I also had some cilantro and basil on the side (they serve “pho” there, hahaha). It is soooo tasty with those added in!

Don’t judge me. I really like produce.

[Hey, I was born in the year of the dragon, but my birthday is in January, so technically (according to the Lunar calendar) I am a rabbit. So as you can see, I am a BEAST… that can eat a never-ending supply of salad/fruits/veggies/yum]

I made one round to get some hot foods:

I ate most of the mac’n’cheese, all of the herbed rice, three of those sweet potatoes in foil, split the pizza with Michael, and ate the brown bread with hummus. I took the cornbread home for my mama.

Okay. Here is where it gets interesting…

I felt like getting a tiny bit more salad…


This time, I got more of those roasted herb potatoes, corn,  a bunch of some kale mixed with raisins and dressing, lots of basil and cilantro, and more raisins on top.

I finished with two servings of this:

Repeat after me: LAME DESSERT.

Yeah, I’m not allowed to have the soft serve or pudding yet (OMG, Easter!), so I had to settle for a bit of cottage cheese and a butt-ton of granola, raisins, and peanuts.

Whoa. I had raisins in EVERYTHING.

Haha, I even at a snack just now and it had raisins in it. Must be my new favorite thing (warning: it is kind of a calorie bomb. One serving is about a quarter cup and has lots of sugar. If you have been dessert-deprived, like me… it will taste like amazing candy).


I had some mad painful gas today. I wonder why...


Went out with my mama on this gorgeous afternoon!

Los Gatos Downtown is super cute. One side has all the local shops and the next street down has more of the chain stores.

We went to Williams Sonoma (only to gawk at all the crazy prices and use their awesome Meyer Lemon lotion), then checked out the Gap and Banana Republic. Neither of us found anything good, so we went to Sur La Table.

We each picked out some things that were needed (well I did not need a super cute/pretty mug… I just super duper wanted it). I paid, and my mama was so happy that she decided to pay when we went to Trader Joe’s.

Haha, I ended up picking out a bunch of items, and a few that were simply because of a coupon.

Got this box of cereal for $1.99 (with the dollar off coupon). I ate it when I got home (with them raisins, banana, and Greek yogurt)


Wow. I really enjoyed having this day off from everything!

I will be headed off to Joe’s tonight for the weekly family Bible study!


If you didn’t have to do ANYTHING (no work/no school/your kids are off at a friend’s house) today, what would you have spent your time doing?


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