What I Learned From the Family Bible Study

[Just to let you know, the first part of this post will be about something I learned/realized through the family Bible study I had with Joe’s family last night. I understand that not everyone shares in my faith, but since this is a life blog as much as a fitness-minded one, I hope that you will be okay me sharing my faith]

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!

Last night’s Bible study, as done through the SWIM Living Life series, was pretty awesome. We focused on looking at what stood out to us from Exodus Ch. 12, and what really jumped out at me was that God told His people to get a lamb for each family/household in preparation for the Passover. He said that it must be one without defect, and if any household was too small, they could share with a neighbor (depending on the number of members in the household).

I thought it was cool that God would consider the small households who may not own much (perhaps only chickens? I dunno) and let them coordinate with a neighbor to share a lamb.

The other thing that challenged me was that the lamb must be without defect. Think about what their most valuable possessions were back then… Oil? Perfume? Their livestock? And to have to pick the best one of them to use for the Passover must not have been that easy (except… after seeing all the 9 plagues happen before their eyes, I’m sure it was a lot easiER).

When I think about what I give to God, I feel that I don’t always give the best of myself, nor do I give Him the things “without defect” all the time. I sometimes give Him the leftover time, I do all the things I want to do first before giving my time and energy to Him. It was a challenge to read that passage (and also in Leviticus, it always talked about giving the animal that is without defect).

THEN… when it was Joe’s turn, he mentioned how Jesus was the Lamb of God. I suddenly saw so clearly that God gave His perfect son, who was without sin or defect.

Why does God ask for the best of us? Why does He ask for our most precious possessions? Because Our Father gave His best, His most precious and perfect son for us.


Haha, I know this is all something we know and understand, but it just seemed to cut SUPER DEEP this time… probably because God is challenging me to give my best for HIM. He’s challenging me to be less SELFISH and mindful of Him.

I mean… who am I that the Creator of the entire universe is mindful of ME? I’s be nobodies…

… well I’m His child, so I guess that’s why. 😀


Pause for a bad transition…


So this was my really late dinner at Joe’s house. It was a spicy Korean chicken thing over rice with asparagus.



This morning, I was super excited to make coffee just so I could drink it in my new mug:

The other side has a blue flower on it. Why do I like it so much I don’t know. It’s kind of cool that all the markings (haha the brown edge that looks like it’s dirty) are unique. My mom and I took some time to look at all the brown trim and got one that was relatively even. It’s cool that every single one is different.

I got the best one. I win.

[I like big coffee mugs].

I’m going to have to bring my meals back to the boring ones I used to eat. I think keeping this boring keeps me eating more consistently and not out-of-control.

This is PB+PB+CS sandwich (peanut butter+ pumpkin butter+ chia seeds) on cinnamon raisin bread.

That fuji apple was super sweet and crunchy.

I plan on hitting up the gym for a random cardio machine workout. I haven’t gotten on the stairclimber in a while. Plus, I have so many magazines piling up!


I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

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