Taboo Topic

There is a topic that I wanted to touch on…

It’s not easy to talk about because it’s pretty TABOO… but hey, I just feel convicted to share my experiences about this thing…

It’s about extreme diets and diet pills. *GASP* I know.

I want to confess that in the past, I have tried some extreme diets and even some diet pills. There was a point in my life (right after high school) when I was still battling depression and eating disorders (binging and sometimes purging) when I felt like I had NO CONTROL over the amount food I ate. I would binge on bad foods until the point of feeling sick, several days in a row… try to go on a fast for a few days, only to fall into that cycle again.

I have tried a “cleanse” where you drink some juices, only eat fruits and veggies, staying away from: caffeine, meat, dairy, happiness, bread, etc. I was in adon’t-you-look-at-me-weird-or-I’ll-be-really-angry mode for those couple of days. I was definitely not a pleasant person to be around.

That “cleanse” diet crap is fun if you like to go liquid poo at all hours of the day. Yeah, I said it. Liquid poo.

After the “cleanse” was over, I would frolic in a land of pastries, ice cream, fried foods, and sugary cereals. Duh.


I have also purchased a couple of diet pills, never actually finishing the bottles. I bought one and tried it for like two days, and didn’t really notice anything so I decided not to keep using it. I have tried one that made me insanely nervous (did they put like 700mg of caffeine in there? Or SPEED?) and shaky, giving me heart palpitations, and it FREAKED ME OUT… so I obviously didn’t use anymore.

Those were the worst times… when I felt stuck. I knew there was no such thing as a quick fix, but I tried it just in case the claims were true. They’re not true… I’m sad to say I gave those liars any of my monies.

After learning about how the body functions and how many mechanisms are at work (my in-depth biology classes), I look back on those times and feel so stupid. I know that’s what people do when they feel trapped… they’ll look for any way to get out. Diet pills and extreme diets are not the way to go. I’m hoping the majority of you will never feel the need to try something so extreme. Don’t mess with your heart by messing up your fluid balance (guess what… your heart and muscles NEED those electrolytes to function properly).

Also, for the sake of your friends and family members, try to change your eating habits slowly, incorporating more fruits and veggies, less processed foods, and more exercise. Don’t go too crazy at first if you are not a healthy eater or currently active. Start by making every breakfast something nutritious and wholesome for a whole week before working on lunch (and eventually dinner). And start by walking 3 times a week for 20 or 30 minutes with someone (and eventually increase the time or number of days your walk, and then turn the walks into jogs, and soon you’ll be running!).

Of course, if someone said this to me during those hard times, I would think “Pshh… easy for you to say.” And you’re right… this is all much easier said than done, BUT it can be done.

I think the biggest shift happened when I started identifying myself as a runner and saw food as fuel, not as my evil captor. How do I feed myself the best foods so that I can improve my running performance and recovery? What can I eat that is nutritious for after a run? How do I replace the fluids and electrolytes lost after a hard workout? What can I eat to get stronger?

Just something I had to say.


On a much brighter and more wonderful note, I made a GREAT dish using the spaghetti squash after shopping today (Michael bought new running shoes at the Nike Factory store. I gave him the remainder of my Nike gift card so his shoes only cost him like 24 bucks. Pretty sure this makes me a super awesome sister).

I asked for a suggestions for what I should do with the spaghetti squash from Misty! <—Click to see her blog! She is a wonderful mother, aunt, friend, sister, and an AMAZING chef! She is so kind and supportive, and you can’t help but love her enthusiasm for food and fitness!

One of her suggestions was to use kochujang (Korean spicy bean paste), stir fry it in some garlic and oil, add sesame seeds, and that’s exactly what I did!

I added in some asparagus and broccoli for more color and one tsp of sesame oil (because I love that flavor) and one egg (you know I love me my eggs).

Thank you so much, Misty!! It was extremely simple, nutritious, and delicious! I will probably use this recipe when I make another lunch. It was that good πŸ˜€


I hope you are having a fantastic Wednesday!

(I am about to watch The Biggest Loser while doing some heavy-ish weight exercises for the upper body)!

4 responses to “Taboo Topic

  1. Yah the side affects of diet pills can really wreak havoc with the body! On a totally different note, your meal looks delicious – anything with hard boiled eggs gets my vote. πŸ™‚

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  3. Yay~ so glad your Korean spaghetti squash dish turned out good.
    “Michelle’s Korean Spicy spaghetti noodles” ~ 맀운 λΉ„λΉ”κ΅­μˆ˜

    Thanks for all your kind words too .. hahaha.^^

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