Wednesday Morning Workout

Okay, so I was supposed to go for a long run today, but it’s kind of a morning routine to for me and my brother to ask “You gonna workout today?” and we end up going to the gym together. Our plan was to do cardio for about an hour and then hit the weights, but we were both pretty stupid tired after, so we went home relatively early.

Today’s workout:

Treadmill: Ran while reading Runner’s World magazine, no music. Ran easy for 51:45 and covered 6.50 miles.

Spin bike: I did this as a recovery, for 13 minutes. Dang. I should have put the resistance down a bit because my legs were pretty pooped after this.

^My elbow-pits look weird. In fact, my arms look really big, hahaha. Whatevs.


Came home, had some glutamine in water, then made myself a quick bit to eat:

I know you’re jealous of this super cute Chococat bowl. I got it from a friend in high school and searched for it recently. It will be my new breakfast bowl!

I have plain yogurt, flax cereal, a handful of raisins, about a tsp of chia seeds, and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

That is what you call perfection in a bowl, my friends. So stinkin’ delicious.

It has probiotics and protein (from the yogurt and PB), omega 3’s (flax cereal and chia seeds), carbs (raisins and cereal), and a little touch of sweetness (raisins). Perfect for a breakfast or post-workout snack.


Now I’m off to the Great Mall to hang out with my mama and Michael! We’re going to look for some new running shoes for Michael and maybe some new cups and bowls for me (I don’t know why I’m into them right now).


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