Beast Mode: On

Yesterday, I didn’t have work, so my beast mode was off for the afternoon. I made myself some pineapple oolong tea in this cool contraption from Teavana (you put the tea in, let it steep for however long it says, and then put it on top of your favorite coffee/tea mug, and it will come out of the bottom… it basically pees tea into your cup. Nice way to think of it, huh?).

Can you tell what I was watching? (It’s Mr. CoCo, himself!)

Joe wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I brought over some dinner for him from Whole Foods (while picking up my own).

Let me just say… pick up a nice dinner for both of us cost only $10.55 (compared to if I had picked up pho for both of us, it would be like $13 or $14).

I was smart and got a small box (to stuff so completely that it was hard to close):

I was also smart by eating three humongous sweet potatoes that were at Joe’s house with my meal. It was pretty awesome. What’s not awesome is the face I made next to the sweet potato.

I got kale (in some kind of dressing), currants, almonds, quinoa, sweet potatoes (DANG IT), raisins, edamame, grapes, and this broccoli salad thing with more currants. What are currants? They resemble tiny raisins (it’s some other kind of dried fruit, I guess).

When this thing was thrown into a big bowl, it was HUUUUGE. But I still ate it with three huge sweet potatoes.

^Can you spot the weird Vanna drawing? It was my attempt at drawing her. FAIL.

I helped Joe finish up his chicken tikka masala thing (wiped the plate clean with a sweet potato. Don’t  judge me, it was just flippin tasty, okay?).


This morning, I got my beast on.

I originally planned on doing a track workout, but when I got to the De Anza track, they were remodeling it! Garsh, would it have hurt for them to let me know so that I don’t get all psyched for a track session that wouldn’t happen?? Geeeez.

No problemo. I went over to the gym and decided to work on my thunder thighs.

Today’s workout:


95#— 12 reps (warm up)

135#— 8 reps (remembers ya’ll, this is more than my own body weight!)

135#— 8 reps

145#— 7 reps (Waaay more than my body weight! It is the most I have done! Last one took all my power and breath, so I knew I couldn’t do an 8th with good form. Plus, my legs were super duper wobbly near the last one)



70#— 20 reps; did 2 sets. Clearly, too light.

95#— 12 reps

105#— 12 reps (I think this is the most I’ve done with DL, but it was still not heavy enough. Wow. My thunder thighs are monstrous!)



Grabbed 2 25# plates (that’s 50# total, for the math-impaired) and did 50 lunges on each leg, alternating doing 10 forward, ten backward. FIFTY ON EACH LEG. This was inspired by this girl, who does 100 lunges.


Side Lunges:

15# dumbbells: 10 on each leg

20# dumbbells: 10 on each leg


Plie Squat:

22.5# dumbbells: 30 reps.


Stairclimber (revolving staircase): 21 minutes; first ten minutes at level 11, last 10 minutes at level 12, then last minute at level 10. 2.75 miles…. liar. It’s probably closer to 1.5, but whatevers.

Treadmill: 8:45 for 1 cool down mile. I was going to do 1.25, but the machine suddenly stopped me after 0.89 miles, so I just walked the last 0.11 and settled for one stupid mile because I was mad at the treadmill. Pfft.


I made nearly the same thing as yesterday except I felt like I needed some more protein, so I added about 1/3 cup of CHEESE.

SMART THINKING, MICHELLE. DELICIOSO, MANG. *pat pat pat on the back*

I had about 2.5 cups of spaghetti squash in the fridge (rest is in the freezer), so I just threw the whole thing on the pan with some oil, 2 tbsp kochujang (Korean spicy bean paste), garlic salt, broccoli, and cheese (it’s just the regular ol’ processed, whatevers cheese… but it melts so nicely that it made this so delicious). I didn’t add sesame seeds or sesame oil this time because I forgot. The hard-boiled egg made it complete with more healthy fat and protein!


They sent some of the photos from the SacTown 10!

Do I seriously run with my elbows that wide??? Wows.

You like my in-the-middle-of-a-race smile? Yeah, it’s totally fake, but whatevs. I’ve had some super nasty race pictures in my day, so these are some of the better ones. 🙂 I’m happy with them.


I have work this afternoon, followed by a Maundy Thursday thing at church with the sisters tonight!


Anything interesting happening on this lovely Thursday?

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