Colorful Diet

Good morning! How was everyone’s Friday?

I had a really great Friday with many colorful eats. I met up with Tati and we went to Whole Foods for lunch (my idea, DUH).

Guess how much my lunch cost?

BTW, this salad had teriyaki salmon, mixed greens, quinoa, bean and corn salad, strawberries, currants, almonds, and corn, with balsamic vinaigrette.

$6.47, mang. That’s way cheaper than the Panera/other restaurant salad!

It was delicious!

I was so happy to catch up with Tati over this lunch and some coffee (large was $1.90… isn’t that cheaper than Starbucks?).

Yikes! I didn’t get a picture of her! I’ll put it up next time (when we go for a hike or bike or something ;D ).


My snack before going in for work:

Green grapes with plain yogurt and the Iron Girl energy bar, which was on sale at Target.


After work, I came home to walk/jog with Vanna.

Today’s workout:

1.5 mile walk/jog around neighborhood with the furry beast (took under 25 minutes). There is a certain hill that is long and pretty steep where I always like to run up, and I looked at Vanna and said, “Wanna run this with me?” And she was like “*sigh*… sure” so we ran all the way up!  Otherwise, there was light jogging on the hills and a lot of stops for her to smell something.


I was lucky to talk Joe into going to my second favorite place… *any all-you-can-eat salad bar*… in this case, Fresh Choice. This is my second time going this week! Woo!

I actually had a coupon, so we got in for about $5.50 each. Not bad at all… considering the damage that ensued…

^I ate about 3.5 sweet potatoes. So sweet.

I’m not going to go through the trouble of identifying every single thing that went into that dinner. You can kind of figure out that I like raisins, sunflower seeds, and potatoes (sweet or herbed).

and lame-o “dessert”:

That’s a butt-load of granola and peanuts on top of some cottage cheese, and really sweet oranges (though it doesn’t look like it) and some melons.

You should really work to make your diet full of color and different produce. See what you like and incorporate it in slowly (if you eat as much as I just did without letting your body get used to all the fiber and such… you will be in a gas-induced state of pain and bloating… and you’ll be really mad at me. So SLOWLY bring more fiber into your meals. And drink lots of water!).


OMG… I get to have a proper DESSERT early tomorrow morning (meaning 12:00 a.m., hahaha). I’m seeing the Whole Foods bread pudding being a big part of it 😀


Do you have any trouble with making a colorful meal?

Any good eats from last night?

What are you weekend plans?


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