Facial + Dessert + Body Pump

Recap of Saturday!

Before going in for Bible study, I did a quick core workout with the stability ball while catching up on important news (through the Daily Showwith John Stewart). I’m glad I did it because it ended up being the only workout of the day!

Ate a Subway chicken sandwich with honey mustard for lunch during the young adult Bible study (it was more of a reflection of this Lenten season):


Afterward, Tammy and I headed out to Fremont to meet with Mel. We had a (super belated) birthday spa/facial for Tammy and we were all super excited!

It was called The Body Klinique and we had Groupons to receive the seaweed facials (and Tammy also got a massage thrown in). They were able to accommodate all three of us at the same time, and we LOVED the facials (and Tammy also LOVED her massage).

Here is our “after” picture:

I’ve gotten facials before, and my face is usually a LOT slicker and shinier, but yesterday’s was not bad at all 😀

The three of us (and Melanie’s boyfriend, Paul) got a late lunch (or lunch #2 for me and Tammy) at a Thai restaurant that was recommended by the spa.

This restaurant is hidden from the main street, but it is a hidden gem for sure! The food was great!

We Panang curry with beef and the BBQ ribs:

and the pineapple fried rice (which I wanted. Came with chicken, raisins, cashews, pineapples, and other veggies) and drunken noodles with prawns.


It was great! We felt so amazing with the spa and the delicious food! It was a great idea from Mel to get this Groupon for Tammy and I’m so glad she enjoyed it! Happy (belated) birthday celebrations are fun 😀


I went over to Joe’s and ate two sweet potatoes. It was an awkward time, and I was really antsy about wanting to plan and have my dessert (for midnight) prepared, so Joe and I went to Whole Foods to get my dinner as well as my dessert.

I also picked up a (free!) venti green tea frap from Starbucks. YUM.

Dinner from Whole foods was the same as usual. Lots of currants, pecans&walnuts this time, wild rice, and salmon, as well as other veggies and balsamic vinaigrette.


I was reading Hunger Games for a couple hours yesterday (haha I was laying down and getting sleepy, so I may or may not have dozed off once or thrice). I have about 1/3 of the book left. It’s a fun read!


I had a random snack of 5 Wendy’s chicken nuggets and BBQ sauce with some rice on the side. Maybe some super salty french fries.

I know… it was passed 9:00p.m. and my appetite was all out of whack! But thank you, Josh and Esther, for the yummy late-night snack! (or was it a meal… I dunno).


I sat by the computer around 11:57 pm and had my dessert out and ready:

I ate two big bites of this bread pudding (which obviously doesn’t look as good when it’s not fresh) as soon as the time said “12:00” and it was awesome. Since I fulfilled a tiny bit of my craving, I had more patience to pop it in the microwave for about 20 seconds while I prepared some other sweets:

Bear claw, some chocolates (some were undocumented) and my bread pudding.

There was no milk or anything, so about 20 minutes after I ate all this (and a banana with chocolates???), I had a big stomachache.

Garsh. I felt like a kid out of control, upsetting my stomach with all this sugar.


This morning, I still had a rumbly tumbly and I went to Body Pump feeling bloated and funky.

OMG. I’m so glad I decided to take this class! It was KILLER! This is a new release (81?) that I have not done before, so I really enjoyed it. Here are the weights I used for the tracks:

Warm-up: 20#

Squats: 40# <— making us do little pulses hear the end? SO MEAN, I LOVE IT.

Chest: 20# <— umm… ouch.

Back: 30# <— good!

Triceps: 20# <— OMG, SO HEAVY. I couldn’t really keep up with the beat and had to do them all slowly and shaky by myself. I watched the fat on my arms jiggle while I tried to lift it up. Super fun.

Biceps: 10# <— I didn’t have any 2.5 plates, so 5’s on each side was good. My biceps are weak, so this still made me work hard.

Lunge: 30# <— start with squats, then move to body-weight lunges.

Shoulders: 5# plates <— killer.

Abs: no weights.


Oh, yeah. I was on the treadmill for 8:03 and ran one mile as a warmup before class.


I was going to do a long run today, but since I got a facial, I hear you shouldn’t be out in the sun too much. I will probably hit the pavement tomorrow.


How was your Saturday?

Have you ever gotten a facial? Do you enjoy getting them?





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