Easter Sunday Recap

Church was lovely! I love the decorations that were put up. It really felt like we were celebrating, with all the special songs from the different groups. Why not party? Our God is alive!!

Oh, garsh. Joe untucked his shirt like 3 seconds after we got out of the sanctuary. C’mon, dude. I even wore my nice flip flops.

BTW, that dress is from the Loft and I got it when I was in high school (it was my first, nice Easter dress).

Lunch was Korean food. I got some japchae (cellophane/glass noodle stir-fried with veggies and meat), brown rice, bulgogi (marinated beef), tofu, and there are like four sweet potato pieces buried under there.


I ate a plate of fruit, and then I got another with more of those wonderfully super sweet pineapples, nuts, and chocolate cake with strawberries.


Then many of the young adults went to Starbucks (I love how everyone is so dressed up!)


Hello sisters! Looking so lovely!


… and you know… NOT so lovely.


Then a few of us went to Downtown Campbell to go to the bookstore (I bought French Women Don’t Get Fat and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest for only 13 bucks. Go to the local recycling bookstore folks. It helps out the local businesses AND you get books on the cheap. This one has a cat in it, hehehe:


and we got some ice cream from Willow Glen Ice creamery. GET IT IN A WAFFLE CONE, PEOPLE. It’s the right thing to do.


Something that was super fun was also stopping by at the local Soda/Candy shop and looking at what funny things they have. Tammy was enamored by the bacon soda. She ended up buying it (just for fun) and a few other fun flavors


I liked looking at the funny chocolate bars 🙂

^Actually, I don’t know why this is funny. It’s basically just stating a fact.

We cam back to church and Tammy set up a little taste test with all the sodas:


Joe and my brothers played basketball. This picture is so cute (SMILES! :D)


and we made them try some of the sodas:


Dinner was BOMB dol sot bibimbap. I think getting it for 8 bucks pretty much makes it my favorite thing in the world. I stole my brother’s sesame leaves to put in it and it just made it THAT MUCH better.


Not as good when mixed up. It’s a hot stone pot with rice, veggie side dishes, meat, a fried egg, spicy bean sauce, and sesame oil.

^More spicy sauce and sesame oil went in after this pic.

We got dessert at the SnowIce place next door (because Paris Baguette had no bread left). My older brother bought it for me to congratulate me on making it over 40 days of not eating dessert!

I wasn’t looking and the guy put SO MUCH red bean (it’s not exactly self serve). Daaang. I think it’s because they charge by weight and that makes it much heavier. The frozen yogurt was super melty and gross… I will never get yogurt from this place again (inside Lawrence Plaza). Anyways, the kiwi, strawberry, and Oreo cookies (at the bottom) were good. Well who am I kidding, the red beans were good, too. Just the frozen yogurt was liquidy gross.


Indulgent eating. Yes.


So I had a long run planned for today, but I’m still thinking about it… only because I woke up with a sore throat and post nasal drip. SIGH. I may try to fit in some kind of run (though it won’t be long).

I also start class (Spring quarter) tonight!


Hope ya’ll had a wonderful time celebrating Easter yesterday!


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