I was going to do maybe 15 or 16 miles today but it was around 70 degrees when I went out in the afternoon and I was not used to the heat (I usually run in the morning when it’s around 50 degrees).

… so I decided to settle with 9 miles. Hey, it’s appropriate for April 9th, yeah?

I walked an additional 0.40 mile (going from and to the car from the start/finish area).

I found about 9 bugs on my face that died on contact with my sweaty, sunblocky face and neck.

My pace was 8:22 per mile, but my RPE (rate of perceived exertion) felt like a 9 instead of a 7.5 or 8.

Whatevs. I still liked running outside and I’ll just be smart about bringing FLUIDS with me next time (that means I was a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10… 10 being the furthest thing from smart). Thank the Lord for the couple of water fountains along the path!


Got home, took some glutamine, and did 30 minutes ofyoga.

My hamstrings were tight, but they feel much better now. Also, my chest and triceps are super sore from yesterday’s Body Pump session! So the yoga was not as relaxing as usual (chaturangas were stinkin’ hard!).


Oooh and today is Esther’s (Joe’s sister) birthday!!! We’ll be celebrating it tonight with the family 😀

I picked up some interesting things for her as part of her birthday present yesterday. Hope she likes it!


Have a wonderful Monday! I will be going to class soon.

Any workout plans?

Are you good at running/doing activities in the heat?



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