I’m happy to say that today has been pretty productive!

I went to the gym with Michael before going in to work:


40 minutes, ran 5.01 miles (at 1% incline); then alternated jogging (1% incline) and walking at 6% incline for the next 20 minutes and covered another 2.04 miles.

Total was 7.05 miles in exactly 60 minutes.


Came home and did 16 minutes of Ab Ripper X.

It was aight.


Work was short (2 hours) but great!


Worked on my art projects while watching House and Smash (<— kind of embarrassed to admit it but… it’s actually pretty fun to watch, hehe).


Can’t find my USB cable for the camera right now.. it’s buried under all my art supplies (BTW… it’s not real art, hehehe. It’s more like a crafts project).


Hope you had a great Tuesday! I’m going to finish readingThe Hunger Games before going to bed tonight. I’ll probably finish the art stuff later tomorrow (my back and legs hurt! I think I use poor posture.. considering that I’m doing all this while sitting on the floor).




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