Back on Track… Take 2

This was highlight #1 from yesterday. Michael bought lunch because he really wanted pho. I got the chicken vermicelli and it was super duper good.

Highlight #2 was a Vietnamese iced coffee!

It was sooooo super strong and delicious! But it was getting me all hyper and I thought it was best to add some soy milk at home and sip it more slowly (finished it at work. I only skipped around a little).

After work, and lecture, the class ended early (lab assignment is going to be at-home!).

I had a pretty weird night… feeling down and sad. I think it has to do with this weather. I’ve been wanting to go out and run for the last two days and this rain is not allowing me to. Hmph.

SO even though I ate a butt-ton of cereal, raisins, PB, and yogurt… I will just have to get back on track AGAIN.

I think the other part of feeling so blue yesterday was not getting in a sweat session. Garsh.


I ate a good breakfast, did about 20 minutes of core work with a stability ball, as well as planks, and had a pretty interesting lunch:

It was an egg and cheese… on cinnamon raisin bread! Initially, I meant to grab the whole wheat bread, but I already put some shredded cheese on it and just figured I would try it.

I think the sweet and salty thing would have worked out better if it was a different cheese, like mozzarella or Swiss. Whatevs. It was hot and toasty!


I’m heading over to the gym for a quick treadmill run and some upper body work (I’m thinking… back and biceps. I haven’t used heavy weights in a long time!).

After work, I will be having dinner with my two prego friends! YAY!


Do you feel down or sad when the weather is gloomy and rainy?

(Yeah, it’s only been like three days, but my mood highly affected by the weather).


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