Sore From Neck Down

Happy Friday!!!

BTW, anyone in San Jose, did you hear the thunder last night? Yikes!

Before the storm came in, I had dinner with some lovely sisters of mine! In about a month, they will each be holding their baby (they’re both pregnant. It’s hard to tell from this picture, huh?) and raising that them into wonderful people!

I better start preparing my candy and cookie stash. Those babies are know for sure who their favorite aunt is… the one who slips them two cookies when Mommy’s not looking. ;D

Our dinner was at Pluto’s! You just can’t go wrong with this place (unless you totally don’t know how to pick 7 of your own ingredients for the salad).

^Mine had spring mix, sweet potatoes, (x2), cucumbers, tomatoes, edamame, beets, and strawberries. Foccasia bread on the side.

I helped polish off Noel’s which had a lot of nuts in a super yummy Asian dressing! SO GOOD.

We got to talk and catch up, and I’m soooo excited for the next step they are about to take in their mommyhood journeys. God has so many more blessings ahead for each of their families!


I had a craving for sweets… so I called up my fro-yo partner, Joseph.

You don’t know how flippin’ good this yogurt was (from Yogurtland). It was legit… not like the soupy mess of a fro-yo I had on Easter. I put plain tart, dulce de leche, kiwi, sweet red bean, almonds, peanuts, and like 10 Reese’s pieces.

I was in a good place after that. Even Joe was saying it was REALLY yummy for some reason 😀


Oh, yeah! I actually got a work out in before going in for work yesterday! That is why I woke up super sore and happy.

Yesterday’s Workout:

Treadmill: 26 minutes and ran 3.21 miles. Random times and distance… I don’t know why. I walked the last two minutes though.


Back and Biceps… and Shoulders!:

Narrow Grip Lat Pulldowns: Kept it easy and did 80#, 10 reps, 4 sets. I did the longer negative thing where you pull down and then let it up super slowly.

Used 15’s for the shoulders and biceps. I just did random ones like bicep curls, isometric bicep curls, overhead press, side lateral raises, etc. Did 12 reps in the beginning, and then until fatigue for the second and third sets.

Used 5’s for my shoulder burnouts… always a killer.


Treadmill: 1.8 miles in 14:40. Haha, I wanted it to be an even 5 miles for the day… hence the random number again.



[I decided to just do my whole upper body because I had extra time and I love being sore everywhere the next day.]

MachineChest press: I don’t usually like using the machine (because my right arm is far superior and usually carries most of the weight), but whatevs.

Wide grip: 60#– 12 reps; narrow grip: 60#– 12 reps

Wide grip: 70#– 10 reps; narrow grip: 70#– 10 reps

Wide grip: 80#– 8 reps; narrow grip: 80#– 8 reps.


Tricep press (laying on a bench): 10’s for 12 reps, followed immediately by 12 tricep dips on edge of bench. I tried to do a second set and only did 5 reps of first one and then 10 of the dips. My triceps were SHREDDED.


So this morning, I’m massaging out everything I can… shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, and parts of the back (too hard to reach, ha).

Guess where I’m headed now? To lead a workout with Addie and Jane!!! Woo!

My legs aren’t that sore, so I really want to hit legs HARD at the gym later today (perhaps I will try squatting over 150#? But Joe said my shoulders might not be able to handle the weight… which is true. We’ll see. If I end up having a back or shoulder injury later today… whooops). Anyways, by tomorrow morning, I will officially be sore from the neck down to my toes!


What are you Friday plans?

What are your top 3 frozen yogurt toppings?

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