Greetings From SoCal

Hello everyone!

This post is coming to you from Southern California!

Last night, we all got some Yogurtland at 10:30am. Tasted so good!

Then we tried to get some sleep…

We left at 4:45 am! Everyone in the back fell asleep and when we woke up, Joe got all creative with his Droid:


Also swit? This thing:

Not so swit? All the snow on the Grapevine:

(Luckily, it caused us no problems. It was just weirds).

We arrived around 10:30 in L.A. and ran into some traffic with some kind of road race (the Nike She Runs LA 10K). It took an extra 20 minutes to go around the blocked roads, but we eventually arrived at the Farmer’s Market at the Grove.

Joe and I decided to get Greek food from Moishe’s. This food is PRICEY… but we were stuffed and it was all delicious!

The chicken breast kebobs were fantastical! I ate it with some of the cous cous and veggie thing inside the pita. YUM.

After being full from lunch, we had some other important business to attend to…


Josh and Esther decided on the caramel cheesecake apple and it was yummy! But dang… if they threw some peanuts or almonds on that thang, I would have done a back flip.

I also purchases a butt-ton of dried fruit and nuts for us to nosh on.

It was a beautiful day! Woo!


We got to visit Joe’s grandpa and grandma, and had dinner at their place (after some solid napping, of course).

For dinner, we had mool naeng myun (cold noodle soup)

And bibim naeng myunb (spicy cold noodle). I ate two whole boiled eggs while eating these. I even had to help my weaksauce boyfriend finish his bibim naeng myun (secretly happy about, hehe).

After some time spent with Joe’s grandpa, we went to get dessert!

If you are a fan of all things dessert and you’ve never had Joe Latti… GO RIGHT NOW, I TELL YA.

I ordered the regular Bananadana and Orange Joe latti.

^Don’t mind my nasty appearance. It was a long day of travel and such.

Yay for Joe latti!!! Even that creepy guy in the back was really happy about it…

… I joke. That’s Josh, hahaha.


Joe’s super cute cousin, Hannah, showed us how she used the notebook we got for her during Christmas. Her parents, Mom and Dad Kim, were kind enough to let us stay over for the night.

🙂 So cute, man. You don’t even know.


HEY. You know how I had a crazy leg workout yesterday? I was reminded of it aaallll day today! Every time I stood up, sat down, or shifted in my seat, I would feel how sore my gluteus maximus, medius, minimus, and inner thighs were.

Actually, I am also sore in my chest and triceps (perhaps some of the moves I was doing yesterday while leading the workout with the ladies!)

WOO HOO! Best way to spend a rest day is to have little walks here-and-there and then pig out. It has been scientifically proven.


Anything new and exciting this weekend?

Have you ever had Joe latti?

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