SoCal Trip- Sunday Recap

This post is heavy with pictures… mostly of food, so be prepared (if you are hungry… my bad).

This was my face during the whole trip. I was so happy with all the foods and dessert. I know. Little scary, huh?


BTW, Sunday was also a complete rest day. My butt ended up being sore anyways because of all the sitting and long car rides.


Sunday morning started with hanging out with Joe’s cutest cousin, Hannah. She was so pretty in her Sunday dress!


Joe, Josh, Esther, and I went to Bethel Church service and it was really great!

Afterwards, I went with the guys to Thai Nakoon (I think that’s the name?). OMG, everything was so good!!!

^This pineapple fried rice was my favorite, for SUUURE.

^Got this Thai iced coffee for “dessert”. SO AWESOMES.


Then we headed over to 85*C Bakery Cafe. It was as if we were at the Coach Outlet store on Black Friday… there was a line just to get into the Bakery and then another line for the registers once you were inside.

Did I think it was worth it?

I was going to make sure it was worth it 🙂

Josh also bought the green milk tea that I’m holding in the very first picture (which was taken after I did some marvelous partaking of these extremely buttery delights. I was in a good place, ya’ll).

Watched some How I Met Your Mother in the car. These guys are so smart at making a normal car into a fancy luxury car (phone placed in the sunglasses holder thingy).

We went to Joe’s grandpa’s again and took a fat nap before talking with him a bit and heading out dinner.

This is the place we’ve come to before and I think it’s like 16 bucks per person for all-you-can-eat BBQ.


We worked up an appetite by being silly. Hannah’s so cute and I love doing funny pictures with her 😀


If you are a vegetarian or vegan… I’m sorry about what you’re about to see.

If you are a carnivore… you’re so very welcome for these pics.


The way I eat it:

1.) Dip the BBQ’d meat into one of the sauces, then place it on top of the salad.


2.) Use one “sheet” of this dduck (rice cake, in thin slice) to wrap (made into ssam) and eat in one huge bite.


3.) Repeat steps 1 and 2 about thirty times.

3.5) Eat some of the other sides they bring out. This one is steamed egg. We also had kimchi jjigae and dwen jang jjigae.

4.) When step #3 has been completed, go to the frozen yogurt machine and eat tiny cups of them until the taste of meat and sauces are cleansed from your palate (took me about 5 of these, hehe).

^This frozen yogurt tastes better when eaten in the company of someone as cute and funny as Hannah (except she thought I was super weird for taking pictures of all the food. haha).


Thanks so much to Jay and Sunny for having us over!!! (They are so very hospitable and make us feel so comfortable when we’re over). 😀


On the drive home, I snacked on some of the bread and other snacks we had for the ride back. I think I was just eating it to stay awake (when Joe was driving).


Little to my surprise, I woke up extremely bloated and feeling  heavy this morning. Best thing to do after such a carb-heavy, no-workout day?


But it’s getting kind of warm right now, so I just hope the weather is not too hot for me (it will be 71 at the highest). Wish me luck!


How was your weekend?

Do you have trouble eating well when you are traveling (not much sleep/driving/tired)?

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